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Buy a Windchime, Save an Orangutan

Chime3 Who doesn't love windchimes? Whether you use them to aid meditation, enjoy relaxing with their beautiful, soothing, gentle tones, or just like to watch them swaying in the breeze, what's not to like? (Unless it's your neighbor's and then....). I am assuming that one is never enough so take a look at the new bamboo chimes created by Woodstock Percussion. As an added benefit, a portion of the profits from these windchimes goes to the Sumatran Orangutan Society to aid the conservation and welfare of Sumatran Orangutans and their habitat.

I fell in love with the Bamboo Feng Shui Chime model shown here. The website shows images of the full line along with sound files for each chime -- the perfect way to choose your favorite.

Some believe that a windchime can attract positive energy, I'm looking for a very breezy spot to hang my new chime and let the good vibes wash over me.

Happy Valentines Day

Get ready for another Valentine's Day! Did you know that it was named from a saint? Here is a good recap of the history. Ah now that was romatic love! As you count through your vast pile of valentines, think of who sent them and realize that each sign has a different love style. How do you make your certain someone's heart go pitter pat?

As a public service, I will be happy to send you a quick assessment of your valentine's sun sign love style. Just send me a comment here with all the particulars - your gender, your valentine's gender and yours and your valentine's month and day of birth.


Scent-sitive side of men

According to a small blurb in the New York Post, there are certain smells that make men happy - and horny. At least according to the researchers at The University of Pennsylvania.

Here I quote the article, which I could no longer find on the NY Post website: They recruited 31 men ages 18 to 64 to find out which smells enhanced sexual response. The winning aroma was lavender and pumpkin pie. Second place? Black licorice and doughnut combo. The researchers, hedging their bets, said that these scents probably enhanced sexual response because they trigger happy thoughts of sexual partners or favorite foods. (Gee ya think??) Yet, on the other side of the scale, buttered popcorn has a low increase in penile blood flow (9%) and cranberry was the distinct loser at 2%.


So how can this be used to one's advantage? How about slathering yourself with pumpkin pie? Or perhaps creating the licorice doughnut? (Anyone from Dunkin Donuts listening??) Of course instead of saying you have a headache, just surround yourself with buttered popcorn....

Void of Course Moons March 2007

For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is March 2007. For those who have not heard of Void-Of-Course moons, check out this article. It explains how beneficial they are for timing purposes.

A big thank you to renowned astrologer Felissa Rose for the charts.

The following times are Eastern Standard. Adjustments must be made for other time zones.


Fri Mar 2 2:04 PM To  4:33 PM 
    Moon enters Virgo

Mon Mar  5 1:57 AM To  4:26 AM 
    Moon enters Libra

Wed Mar 7 2:52 PM To  5:18 PM 
    Moon enters Scorpio

Fri Mar 9 8:52 PM To Sat Mar 10 5:38 AM
    Moon enters Sagittarius

The Following Times are Eastern Daylight:

Mon Mar 12 2:28 PM To 4:36 PM 
    Moon enters Capricorn

Wed Mar 14 4:22 PM To 10:53 PM 
    Moon enters Aquarius

Sat Mar 17 12:02 PM To 1:31 AM
    Moon enters Pisces

Mon Mar 19 12:00 AM To 1:43 AM
    Moon enters Aries

Tue Mar 20 11:34 PM To Wed Mar 21 1:16 AM
    Moon enters Taurus

Thu Mar 22 11:13 AM To Fri Mar 23 2:07 AM
    Moon enters Gemini

Sun Mar 25 3:58 AM To 5:50 AM 
    Moon enters Cancer

Mon Mar 26 10:37 AM To Tue Mar 27 1:05 PM 
    Moon enters Leo

Thu Mar 29 9:25 PM To 11:28 PM
    Moon enters Virgo

Thank you for the charts Felissa!

Felissa Rose is a professional Astrologer who writes, teaches and meets with clients in Columbia County, New York City and California. She lives in Hillsdale, New York. You can read some of her other writings at www.accessnewage.com/felissa Felissa can be reached at [email protected].

Year of the Golden Pig

Pig Happy Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Pig. They say that they year of the pig is auspicious, especially if you are planning a family. According to the New York Times, this has presented a special challenge in Hong Kong. Women from the mainland of China are coming to Hong Kong and giving birth in Hong Kong Hospitals. Now with the Year of the Pig, authorities expect the amount of women arriving to increase:

The number of babies born in Hong Kong to mainland mothers surged to 15,000 last year from several hundred a year in the late 1990s. Before the new restrictions were adopted, the number was poised to rise even more, as the Year of the Pig, which Chinese tradition holds to be an auspicious time for adding to a family, begins on Feb. 4 or Feb. 18, depending on which Chinese tradition is followed.

Every fifth Year of the Pig, falling once every 60 years, is considered especially auspicious and is known as a Year of the Golden Pig. The coming year is a Year of the Golden Pig, and is expected to produce an increase in births because marriage and birth statistics across China continue to show clear influences from such traditional beliefs, despite strong efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to dismiss them as superstitions.

Check this site for more information on the Chinese zodiac.

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