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Pet Pill Pockets

Pillpock Make Your Cat Smile
Two years ago my cat developed a minor health problem that requires medication and our relationship hasn't been the same since. Every other day as I reach for the pill bottle, she seems to know what is going on and makes a mad dash for under the bed.

It becomes a test of wills - as she tries to escape, I grab her, flip her over, shove a pill down her throat and try to force her to swallow before she tries to spit it out. It's a traumatic experience for both of us.

Last week I discovered Pill Pockets. These are chewy little treats made with a pocket that allows easy insertion of a pill (or other supplement). I admit I was skeptical because I have tried lots of tricks before and she has resisted me tooth and claw every time. But this time I have found a solution -- she loves these and looks forward to her "special" treats.

They are a bit pricey, but hey, they are worth every penny -- consider how much I am saving on bandages. Pill Pockets are available for dogs, too. (But don't they eat anything anyway...?) And once they are happily medicated, you can sit down with them and read them their Petscope horoscope.


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