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Fever Beverage, A "New Age" Aphrodisiac?

Crash Your Car? Blame Your Horoscope.

Carcarma When bad things happen to good drivers it might be bad karma, or maybe you were born a Libra.

Lee Romanov, president of InsuranceHotline.com wondered if drivers of some astrological signs were more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than other drivers. She compared the records of 100,000 drivers and found overwhelming evidence that some signs are more prone to accidents.  Libra drivers are the worst, followed by Aquarius and Aries. The complete rundown is on her site.

This research led to her writing Car Carma, a humorous, information-packed book, that tells you why, and which drivers, based on their astrological signs have more accidents. She describes her book as "your roadmap through the Zodiac. It's a tool of enlightenment that identifies the best to the worst drivers, under the Sun, Moon and Stars." At a cost of $11.95 that is a reasonable "toll" to pay.


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