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Fever Beverage, A "New Age" Aphrodisiac?

Mixing Pleasure and Fever_1Passion in a Drink

In the company's words, Fever is:

. . . a natural herbal beverage that enhances pleasure and the personal socializing experience, while at the same time offers wellness benefits from its proprietary formula of natural herbs and ingredients. . .  Fever is based on the concept [of] offering consumers a natural, attractively tasting beverage . . . [and] is quickly becoming one of the most popular "new age" beverages to hit the market.

They recommend drinking (adults only) 14oz about 15 to 30 minutes before socializing. You can find more information at their website along with lots of photos of people who seem to be enjoying pleasurable encounters.

A "new age" aphrodisiac? As soon as I get my hands on a bottle, I'll let you know -- who knows? It may be filled with alcohol.


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