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Spiritually mature and ready for love?

Lovematch Looking for a match made in heaven or maybe some other spiritual place? Check out the recently launched NewAgeConnections website  which helpfully provides a place for those who "share interests in new age thought, spirituality, metaphysical beliefs, conscious living, alternative health, yoga, green living and sustainable culture, and progressive social change" to connect with kindred spirits for community and online dating. Let's hope your match is on the same spiritual plain as you ;-)

I've always believed you have to search for love in all the right places and in my experience astrology has proven to be very valuable and helpful in making better love matches. Chemistry is always a consideration but sex alone cannot promise longevity and commitment. I would love to hear from anyone that has success with NewAgeConnections.

In addition to dating connections, the site offers community chat, business networking, events, trips, calendar and newsletter.


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