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May 2007 horoscope

Get your game on while merry May gets underway. We have a bit of a dreamy time through the month as dizzy Neptune retrogrades. Will you grab the wrong maypole and go for a spin?  Worse things could happen....

Read your May horoscope here.

The "New Green"

E veryone seems to be interested in the environment. Most recently there was Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth", then all the press about "green" buildings that use less energy, then special bulbs that use less wattage and last longer, Earth Day, Ethanol and now Lime , a site whose tagline is "healthy living with a twist" has set up an  ad network that matches bloggers with advertisers.

I am all for green living. I use these new bulbs, save and reuse bags until they shred, walk rather than drive (hey - I don't even own a car) and I recycle up a storm. I would gladly switch to solar power if we could convince our large apartment building to do so. My concern here is that it is getting all too trendy. Once these topics move into the general discourse they tend to peter out. News overload, then consumer boredom and then the inevitable consumer backlash. The wellness of our planet is too important to be considered just another "hot" trend.

There - now I've said it. I need another cup of organic tea....

Word of the Day - Triskaidekaphobia

Here is a word to get your mouth in a knot, courtesy of Wordsmith :

triskaidekaphobia (tris-ky-dek-uh-FO-bee-uh) noun

Fear of the number 13. [From Greek treiskaideka (thirteen), from treis (three) + kai (and) + deka (ten) + phobia (fear)]. Why a fear of the number 13? It's one more than the dozen which leaves one unlucky one out if you divide something in groups of two, three, four, or six. It's also said that there were 13 people in the Last Supper. Friday the 13th is considered especially unlucky by many, while in some cultures, in the Spanish-speaking world, for example, it's Tuesday the 13th that is believed to be unlucky. -Anu Garg (garg wordsmith.org)


I have never found Friday the 13th to be any more or less unlucky than other days. Also- I would prefer a "bakers dozen" (13) to a regular dozen of donuts any day of the week! Let's give 13 a chance!

Ancient Mosaic: Peace takes a quantum leap!

Ancientmos_1 I've never played a computer game, but a recent email promotion I received for Ancient Mosaic caught my attention with the following:

The Ancient Mosaic is the key to world harmony, but the pieces are scattered throughout history. Restore harmony to the world by completing the Ancient Mosaic. Travel back through seven historic ages and solve puzzles to collect pieces of the lost Sphere of Peace. Put the world back together.

Obviously this is a game in the fantasy category (it should be so easy). But if any of you new age gamers piece together the Sphere of Peace, please let me know. This is the most promising chance for world peace I have read of recently. . .

Who is Simon Foreman?

Found an interesting review of a book about Simon Foreman who was a doctor, herbalist and astrologer who practiced during the late 1500s and early 1600s in England. He used astrology extensively in his work and in his personal life which ultimately led to accusations against him in a poisoning plot and his untimely death.

Astrological history is often limited to academic treatises or the occasional Nostradamus piece. It is nice to read about a true personality whose work and life intermingled scientific and astral elements of life.

Here is what looks like a sample from the transcript of his trial where he was under suspicion in a poisoning death. He dies in 1610 while this was going on. A complicated man, Foreman was described in a range of less-than-complimentary ways. This book Medicine and Magic in Elizabethan London is another interesting overview of the man.

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