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June Horoscope

June packs a bit of a cosmic wallop. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all aspect, rubadub and interact. And why not...? Did the earth move for you?

Read your horoscope for June here.

Casting Call - Ghost Hunters

I can't resist sending this out. You never know how famous you and your ghost will be....

Casting Call: 

Ghost_hunters Sci Fi Channel will kick off a nationwide search for the newest cast member of Ghost Hunters next month, who will appear in an upcoming episode of the show. Wannabes can submit an audition video on SciFi.com from June 6 utilizing interactive tools such as the Ghost Hunter's Gear Guide. Three finalists will compete during the annual Ghost Hunters Live telecast on Halloween night.


Just read about a new, new age form of exercise that seems to fit the amount of exertion that I like to do. Just breathe........

Quoing Qigong (pronounced CHEE-kung) is actually "an umbrella term for numerous energy-based practices, including tai-chi." It's been a bit slow to spread across America, having first arrived here "in the 1980s and '90s. But a 2002 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about "950,000 American adults have practiced qigong in their lifetimes." Qigong centers across the U.S. report rapidly growing interest.

"The realm of working out has shifted from people just wanting to build bulk and lean, toned muscles to them understanding that the inner health of the body is just as important as the outer health," says Bernard Shannon of the National Qigong Association. "People want to get back to a simpler time," add Ted J. Cibik, a medical qigong therapist. "They want to find something they can practice that doesn't take a lot of apparatus, allows them to deal with their stress, and gives them a good physical workout in the sense that it gets them moving ... There is a whole community of people who are intrigued by the whole mind-body shift happening in clubs, gyms and personal training centers who are now pushing these ancient arts."

Shelley Marks, 46, credits qigong with reducing her "early signs of rheumatoid arthritis." There's actually little in the way of definitive research proving qigong's therapeutic qualities, but the Qigong Institute has a database of some 3,500 studies "reporting qigong's positive effects on hypertension, arthritis and longevity." And qigong clearly is not for everybody: "If they were to go take a regular qigong class, most people would be bored," says Steven Leigh, an instructor. And Kimberly Ivy, founder of a qigong school, thinks its popularity will always be limited, and will never have yoga's "cult of personality." She says: "How do you get celebrity status when you are standing still breathing?"

This really sounds like the exercise for me! ;-D

This article was first posted in Cool News.

Quick Way to Judge Compatibility?

I have a thought for today - if you wonder which sign is best for you, do a personal test:

List all the relationships you have had and indicate which ones were good and which were bad. Against each name, indicate their sun sign. (contact me if you need the dates each month or look at one of my web columns at www.thestarryeye.com on the zodiascope page). You will find a pattern - whether by the same sign or by element (earth, air, fire and water) or sometimes by mode (fixed, cardinal or mutable).

Here is a cheat sheet:

Earth - taurus, capricorn, virgo

Air - gemini, aquarius, libra

Fire - sagittarius, aries, leo

Water - scorpio, pisces, cancer

Fixed - taurus, aquarius, leo, scorpio

Cardinal - aries, capricorn, cancer, libra

Mutable - sagittarius, gemini, pisces, virgo

Please let me know what you see in your own relationship patterns and what you think of this exercise.

Fear of the Number 13?

13charm According to a recent USA Today / Gallup poll, some folks are fearful of staying on the 13th floor of a hotel room. Apparantly 13% of all respondents said that they would be bothered by it with a whopping 22% (or over 1/5...) of boomer women 50+ saying so.

Further, 19% of boomer women say that they would request another floor if given one on 13 as would 10% of women 18-49. Men, on the whole were less fazed by the 13th floor - 10% of men 18-49 and 5% of men 50+ would be bothered but (perhaps out of embarassment) only 5% and 4% respectively would ask to change floors.

Are these people exceptionally superstitious?  Seems so and in fact some hotels do not have a 13th floor, preferring to go from 12 to 14. But then doesn't this mean that when you stay on 14 you are really (secretly) on 13? Hmm, I'll never tell....

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