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Fear of the Number 13?

13charm According to a recent USA Today / Gallup poll, some folks are fearful of staying on the 13th floor of a hotel room. Apparantly 13% of all respondents said that they would be bothered by it with a whopping 22% (or over 1/5...) of boomer women 50+ saying so.

Further, 19% of boomer women say that they would request another floor if given one on 13 as would 10% of women 18-49. Men, on the whole were less fazed by the 13th floor - 10% of men 18-49 and 5% of men 50+ would be bothered but (perhaps out of embarassment) only 5% and 4% respectively would ask to change floors.

Are these people exceptionally superstitious?  Seems so and in fact some hotels do not have a 13th floor, preferring to go from 12 to 14. But then doesn't this mean that when you stay on 14 you are really (secretly) on 13? Hmm, I'll never tell....


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