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Benefits of Meditation

This is something I saw on the benefits of meditation that sort of makes sense but since I don't mediate I can't say for sure. However the head honcho at our company meditates every day and he seems fairly agile mentally... at least he gives that impression.

Here is a summary. Read the entire article here at CoolNews.

A new study finds that you can, in fact, train your brain to allocate attention simply by learning how to meditate. According to Dr. Richard Davidson "meditation is good for the brain. It appears to increase gray matter, improve the immune system, reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being."

He and his team tested that theory with two groups of volunteers, neither of which had any prior experience with meditation. For three months, one group meditated for 10-12 hours a day, while another did so for just 20 minutes a day. With electrodes attached to their scalps, both groups were then given "attentional blink tests" involving a series of letters with two numbers mixed in.

Everyone noticed the first number, but "the less experienced meditators tended to grasp the first number and hang onto it, so they missed the second number. Those with more experience invested less attention to the first number as if letting it go. This led to an increased ability to grasp the second number." Breathe. Let go. Breathe. Let go.


Not bad advice for things in general ....


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