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Wiccans Come Out of the Broom Closet

In this age of heightened religiosity, I found this article about Wiccans in the New York Times very interesting and timely. I have always thought of Wicca as a back to nature type of belief but the general press on it has always been more radicalized, extreme and in many cases false perceptions. Movies like Rosemary's Baby are probably contributing to that perception. Perhaps the Broom Closet is another closet we need to open.
Here is an excerpt. To read the full article go to The New York Times archives.
Wiccans Keep the Faith With a Religion Under Wraps

DUMFRIES, Va. — Above the woman’s fireplace hangs her wedding picture, taken in a Lutheran church years ago. Below it, on the mantelpiece, is a small Wiccan altar: two candles, a tiny cauldron, four stones to represent the elements of nature and a small amethyst representing her spirit. The wedding portrait is always there. But whenever someone comes to visit, the woman sweeps the altar away. Raised Southern Baptist in Virginia and now a stay-at-home mother of two in this Washington suburb, she has told almost no one — not her relatives, her friends or the other mothers in her children’s playgroups — that she is Wiccan.

She worries that because most people know little about Wicca, they will assume she worships Satan. She fears that her family and friends will abandon her and that the community will ostracize her.

Wiccans worship the divine in nature. Many Wiccans practice some form of magic or witchcraft, which they say is a way of affecting one’s destiny, but which many outsiders see as evil. The Wiccan pentacle, a five-pointed star inside a circle, is often confused with symbols of Satanism. (The five points of the star represent the elements of nature — earth, air, fire and water — and the spirit, within the eternal circle of life.)

Fancy Schmancy Candles

So now the Duchess of York is shilling over-priced designer aromatherapy candles in special boxes at Bath & Body Works. She says that even a housefrau (who she calls "Mavis") can attain an aromatheraputic life. (And let's not forget the p-r-o-f-i-t-s.) The following little piece was titled "couture candles" on Cool News and I really had to sit on it for a while before I posted it. Check it out here.


Void of Course Moons July 2007

For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is July 2007. For those who are not familiar with Void-Of-Course moons, please read this article and see how they can improve your timing.

A big thank you to renowned astrologer Felissa Rose for the charts!



VOID BEGINS - VOID ENDS                                 SIGN MOON ENTERS AFTER VOID

Sun Jul 1 4:46 AM To Mon Jul 2 1:25 AM              Moon enters Aquarius

Wed Jul 4 2:04 AM To 6:53 AM                           Moon enters Pisces

Fri Jul 6 6:10 AM To 10:58 AM                            Moon enters Aries

Sun Jul 8 9:07 AM To 1:55 PM                             Moon enters Taurus

Tue Jul 10 12:55 PM To 4:11 PM                         Moon enters Gemini

Thu Jul 12 5:13 PM To 6:40 PM                           Moon enters Cancer

Sat Jul 14 8:05 AM To 10:44 PM                          Moon enters Leo

Mon Jul 16 11:56 PM To Tue Jul 17 5:40 AM         Moon enters Virgo

Thu Jul 19 9:45 AM To 3:54 PM                           Moon enters Libra

Sun Jul 22 2:30 AM To 4:19 AM                           Moon enters Scorpio

Tue Jul 24 6:31 AM To 4:31 PM                           Moon enters Sagittarius

Thu Jul 26 8:14 PM To Fri Jul 27 2:22 AM            Moon enters Capricorn

Sat Jul 28 10:24 PM To Sun Jul 29 9:15 AM         Moon enters Aquarius

Tue Jul 31 7:57 AM To 1:42 PM                          Moon enters Pisces

Felissa can be reached via email at: [email protected]  and also has a webpage at http://www.accessnewage.com/Felissa/

June Pet Horoscope

June is a breath of summer air and all pets feel in the summer celebration mode. Give them loads of attention and fresh air now. A little treat couldn’t hurt either.... :)

Read your pet's June horoscope here.


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