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Eclipses - How to Maneuver Through Them

Eclipse File this under "News You Can Use." Knowing how to maneuver around and through eclipse periods will help you avoid angst, regrets and general "tsuris" associated with unclear, foggy, jump-to-conclusions eclipse behavior. During the eclipse period we are much more emotional and tend to make decisions without thinking them through logically. For example signing a lease during a eclipse is a no-no... unless you want to be disappointed in your move. Here is more info on eclipses from my website.

Eclipses occur a few times a year and they tend to come in pairs (lunar and solar). Here is NASA's eclipse home page so you can plan through them. Eclipses occur in August 28 (solar) and September 11 (lunar) 2007.

And it probably doesn't need to be mentioned but heed mother's warning not to stare into a solar eclipse lest you damage your eyes.

Water, Water Everywhere

Drown To anyone who buys their water (as opposed to died-in-the-wool New Yorkers who maintain that NYC tap water is the best in the world .. and who am I to argue?) it has become rather noticable to this blogger that water has turned "new age".

It's not just that they have been flavoring the water with lemon, lime and even mint (every drink toothpaste...?) in addition to those pesky vitamins, they are also adding all sorts of other weird stuff like small molecules (to advance hydration, they say) magnetic fields (removes that tasty soap residue found when you drink laundry water), ions (to better absorb in your body) and Himalayan crystal salt (adds elements into ones body).

What do all of these gourmet waters have in common? Yes, the price - all are expensive! Advanced Hydration Technology brand of water with those small molecules to imporve digestion is almost $30 bucks for 12 one-liter bottles. Salt added OZ water with all those extra minerals is $28 for a dozen. Watt-ah magnetized water which purports to reduce migranes is $5 a gallon while extra-absorbing Care Water with those delightful ions charges $40 for 10 bottles. But it is the Tasmanian Rain at $59 a dozen that takes the cake (or is it the watercooler?). It is bottled rainwater from Tasmania, Australia and is completely taste free.

Excuse me but isn't water generally taste-free? That is those waters without lemon, lime, mint, vitamins etc etc etc???

Yoga Eases Migraines

I just read this little article buried in the New York Post which says that yoga eases migraines. A combination of yoga, breathing exercises (which is part of the yoga experience) and relaxation may help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. Migraine

This was discovered by a research company in India with a test sample of 72 adults who were suffering from migraines. A random sample was given yoga therapy while the rest were self care. The yoga group not only had fewer headaches and less pain, they also had lower anxiety and less depression.

Needless to say, this study was first reported in Headache Magazine.

Brush Your Teeth .. with Chocolate??

I KNEW it. I just KNEW it. Chocolate is not only healthy for you, it helps fight cavities.Tulane University researchers have found an element in cocoa that  works better than flouride in preventing cavities. It sort of like caffine (although they say nothing of coffee in this matter) in that it helps harden the tooth enamel and prevent decay. Bring on the clinical trials and pass the chocolate bars!!!!!

Read more here at Business Week and toggle down to get to the blurb.

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