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Magnolia Electric Company's Menacing Moon

I half listen to the radio in the morning. Mostly it is background noise like that old Larsen cartoon about what a dog hears vs what you say. (blah,blah, Spot, blah, Spot, blah, blah). So I am hearing blah, blah, blah, songs using references to the moon,) at which point I am listening. I love songs that use planetary (or even better astrological) references. I think of "Aquarius" (the Hair and 5th Dimension version), "No Matter What Sign You Are" (Supremes), Stirling Brig's various moon songs including "Moonphases" and "Man In the Moon". I also love anyone's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

So this relatively low key band called Magnolia Electric Company which has just released a boxed set called Sojourner and, according to NPR, "The songs on Sojourner take many forms: Some are stark and quiet, others fleshed out by a full rock band. But they almost always mention the moon, usually as a looming figure of menace." Listen to a few of their tracks here.


While I don't regard the moon as a figure of menace it does heighten our emotions that can make us over-react. There is also proof that hospital admissions and crime and assorted craziness rises when there is a full moon. So I don't disagree that moons can cause some unease, but if we keep in mind the moon phases, eclipses and voids (see previous posts) we can better control our out-of-control urges.


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