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88 Temple Ohenro Pilgrimage

Mimi2 My friend Mimi just completed a Buddhist Henro pilgrimage around the Shikoku island in Japan. And what a trip it was!

This island has 88 temples in a 745 mile route (that is 900 kilometers) , all of which must be visited, often by foot but more and more by car and in little bits. My friend Mimi walked the entire distance, visiting all 88 temples, in a span of 51 days. At each temple you get a stamp and when you receive all 88 stamps you return to the first temple and get a final completion stamp. Well, I could go on about it but read her account here on her website.

Oh, did I mention that everyone speaks Japanese and very few speak English on this island. Mimi only speaks English.

Hitler's Astrologer

Karl Ernst Krafft was the astrologer for the Third Reich. His story is fascinating as is the full story of the “propaganda wars” conducted by Allied and Axis astrologers and occultists.


Krafft contacted the nazis early in the Reich with a prognostication of an attack on Hitler by “an explosive device” around early November. The letter was filed but reviewed later after the Beer Hall Putsch where, indeed, Hitler barely missed being hit by a hidden bomb. Krafft was summoned to Berlin where he began a long association with the nazis, helping them translate Nostradamus prophesies for the war effort. (To “prove” that the nazis were “destined” to win the war.) It is said that the Germans used astrology to plan attacks and maneuvers against the Allies to some initially astounding success. The tide, of course, turned and Krafft was punished. Ultimately he was put on a transport for Buchenwald and died of typhus in transit.

An ironically fitting end.
Here's more fascinating reading on the role of astrology in history, and Karl Ernst Krafft in particular.


Please file under the category "What will they think of next?"

If you are searching for the next best fruit that may even have some new-age cache, try some of these beauties:

1. The Pomelo - a Chinese citrus that is said to bring you good luck if you boil the skins and leaves and bath in it. They say that it will ward off evil spirits. Can also be purchased as a scented candle.

2. The Goji - a red berry from China that is supposedly very healthy and puts the zip in your zipper. Feeling sluggish and lazy? Take two of these small berries and call me in the evening.

3. The Guarana - from a shrub in Brazil. Forget the caffeinated coffee. Guranas provide lots of energy, provided you mix it in with other flavors. Apparantly not known for its taste.

4. The Acai A South AMerican rainforest palm berry. Chock-a-block full of antioxidants. A jackpot of flavor, energy and health. But full disclosure: Flavor if you like chalky chocolate though....

Feng Shui Your Workspace

Arguably there is no more stressful place than at work. Where else do you have to navigate leadened bureaucracies laden with assorted career death traps. But relief and general mellowness can be achieved with a few simple Feng Shui techniques.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing furniture and objects in a way that increases harmony and reduces stress. One particluar book that helps us achieve calmness in the workplace is Darrin Zeer's "Office Feng Shui". Here are some steps you can take asap to lower the volume and increase the peace:

1. Eliminate clutter - junk around your workspace blocks the flow of energy and makes you feel more tired.

2. Sit in the "Belly of the Dragon" - back to the wall, support on both sides and the wide expanse in front of you - which means that you should try at all possible to face the door and do not sit with your back to it. If you can't move your desk, place a mirror beside you so you can see what is going on behind your back. Add a few pictures of mountains or tall structures on your back walls. Also get a chair with a taller back and arm rests, if possible.

3. Add other things to increase the "Zen" such as colorful accessories (warm colors for energy and cool colors for calm), plants (especially with rounded leaves) and perhaps some aromatherapy scents that complement the degree of energy you need. Add a crystal to lower the electromagnetic rays from the pc, printer and fax machines.

Ommmmm... where's my promotion?

2008 Olympics and the Number 8

The countdown has begun for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing for 8/8/08 at 8pm. Why the synergy? The number 8 (pronoumced Bat) in China is full of good luck and literally means "Properity", "Winning a Lot", "Gaining Wealth ".
Interestingly because of the time difference it will be 8p Beijing time and 8a Eastern US time. The countdown began today (notably 8/8/07) at 8p Bejing time / 8a Eastern US time.

There is a lot about numbers in the Encyclopedia Britannica. They say that "in China, just as the number 7 determines the life of a woman, 8 determines that of a man. A boy gets his milk teeth at eight months, loses them at eight years, reaches puberty at 2 ´ 8 = 16, and loses sexual virility at 8 ´ 8 = 64. The I Ching, which describes a system of divination using yarrow stalks, involves 64 = 8 ´ 8 configurations."

Maybe more than I want to know.

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