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October 2007 Pet Horoscope

Lick2 Despite the onset of Autumn, all these planets in Scorpio heat up all of our furry, feathery and scaly friends’ activities.  Don’t even try to keep up with them!

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October 2007 horoscope

Make your presence known this October. We get our jollies by the boatload as retro Uranus squares expansive Jupiter. When is too much, too much? We’ll let you know. And until then....

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If you are looking for a quick and readable write-up on each sun sign, check out Zodiac-Signs-Astrology.com where each sign is given a page of personality traits, some strengths, interests and even for some signs lucky gem stones.

If anyone has another favorite astrology site, please pass them on!

eCrate For You and Your Dog

Ecrate I must have too much time on my hands because I am trolling the internet for unusual items that can improve the quality of life - anyone's life. So here we have something aesthetically functional and something that can create a soothing karmic experience for your dog and therefore for you. It is called an eCrate.

Peter Pracilio, the designer and founder of DesignGo, an industrial design studio in Brooklyn founded in 2006 created eCrate for small dogs. Their mission is to offer a fresh perspective towards product, furniture, art and the environment. They are getting lots of well-deserved attention including a feature in The New York Times and an article in PupStyle, the original snobby dog blog.

From my perspective the rounded edges can work well for feng shui in your home allowing air and smooth edges to calm antsy animals. Of course, you will want to choose blanket colors that please your pooches personality.

They are available in various colors at $299 (okay so they are pricey - but what price fashion?) and also in a limited-edition chrome for a much higher, yet-to-be-determined price. The crates will be available later this year.

And if you want to know what your pooch is thinking as he naps in his crate, read my monthly pet horoscope for valuable insights and advice.

Green Tea

Green Tea Boosts Production Of Detox Enzymes, Rendering Cancerous Chemicals Harmless

I think it is no surprise that various food and beverages are especially healthy but how healthy is often open to interpretation. Science Daily reported some very interesting news about Green Tea which is worth noting:

Apparantly concentrated chemicals found in green tea might help some people ward off cancer by increasing the presence of detoxification enzymes (GST) in people with low levels of these enzymes. These GST enzymes modify the cancer-causing molecules that would otherwise damage cellular DNA, thus rendering them inert. Now, you would need a very concentrated amount of green tea (something like 8-16 cups) to boost the production of these enzymes and I find green tea bitter in just one cup, but hey, if they can find a way of creating a delicious more concentrated version that can ward off cancer I think we have a hit.

Green tea has long been of interest to researchers given studies that have shown populations in which it is often consumed, such as the Chinese and Japanese, generally have lower rates of cancer. You can read more at the American Association for Cancer Research.

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