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December 2007 horoscope

The holiday season gets into the swing of things this December as expansive Jupiter conjuncts volcanic Pluto. Prepare for an avalanche of cheerful fun that could bury you up to your neck. Ho ... ho...  ho... oops!


Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Archers are bon vivants this December. They virtually sparkle with personality and become a social force. Not a moment too soon! Jupiter conjuncts Pluto and lends a certain urgency and zest to every one of your meetings and greetings. Start new projects, meet new folks. The most important thing is to get out of your old skin and slip into someone elses.

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Drink More Tea!

One more good reason to drink tea. This from am New York newspaper:
Tea Delthia Ricks writes that scientists are saying that drinking tea can positively impact brain waves and thwart the  development of lung cancer. Tea is more complex than people think and may have medicinal powers that extend to various ailments such as mitigating Alzheimers, increasing focus and calming one down. John Foxe from the Nathan Kline Institute studies the effect of tea on the brain. He says that "Twenty minutes after drinking a cup of green or black tea there is an impact on the brain's alpha waves" causing increased concentration that lasts about 4 hours. Israeli researcher Dr. Sylvia Mandel said that her studies suggest that green tea supports the aging brain and drinkers of the beverage are less likely to develop Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.

As for me, I find tea very relaxing. And in drinking herbal teas, the aromas provide an additional benefit - greater concentration in the case of mint, soothing in the case of any fruit flavored tea. Ready for a cuppa tea?

Zodiac Jewelry for Astrology Lovers

Sagjpendant_2 Zodiac symbols are timeless, classic designs and when incorporated into fine jewelry the results are beautiful. Here is an example from one of my favorite jewelry designers, the always elegant Temple St. Clair. She was discovered by Barneys and is known for her modern classic style and distinctive gold work. Her Zodiac collection includes 18K gold pendants with a satin finish and diamond granulation on the back. All twelve signs are represented, each sells for $950. You can find them in retail stores around the country, like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Shown here is the Sagittarius pendant which, not coincidentally, is my sign (Just in time for the holidays! Hint, hint).

Welcome Sagittarius!

The Sun enters Sagittarius this week which heralds in a more optimistic and expansive time for all of us. Exactly where you will feel the surge (at work? with family? in your health? in your communication?) depends on where Sadge and planets in Sadge and planets making an aspect to Sadge or the 9th house which is ruled by Sadge are located in your personal astrological birth chart.

Those of us with Sun in Sadge tend to have personalities that are more open, friendly, jolly, perhaps less than graceful (and I speak from personal knowledge...), a bit lucky, interested in many different things and a great friend! This is a good time of year to plan get togethers, travel and expansions (such as taking a new course of study to expand your knowledge). Notably this is the time of year when our waistlines can expand too because of all the festivities. Ahem.

You can read more about Sadges in my sun sign book, should you have an interest.

Astrology Songs for all the Signs

Feel a song in your heart? Let it out.

This gem of a video on YouTube contains Astrology Songs (along with interpretative dance). It offers one delightful snippet for each of the twelve signs and just wants to make you sing out loud ... err or something like that.

"Lib lib a libra"? Leonard Cohen, eat your heart out.

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