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Drink More Tea!

One more good reason to drink tea. This from am New York newspaper:
Tea Delthia Ricks writes that scientists are saying that drinking tea can positively impact brain waves and thwart the  development of lung cancer. Tea is more complex than people think and may have medicinal powers that extend to various ailments such as mitigating Alzheimers, increasing focus and calming one down. John Foxe from the Nathan Kline Institute studies the effect of tea on the brain. He says that "Twenty minutes after drinking a cup of green or black tea there is an impact on the brain's alpha waves" causing increased concentration that lasts about 4 hours. Israeli researcher Dr. Sylvia Mandel said that her studies suggest that green tea supports the aging brain and drinkers of the beverage are less likely to develop Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.

As for me, I find tea very relaxing. And in drinking herbal teas, the aromas provide an additional benefit - greater concentration in the case of mint, soothing in the case of any fruit flavored tea. Ready for a cuppa tea?


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