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Welcome Sagittarius!

The Sun enters Sagittarius this week which heralds in a more optimistic and expansive time for all of us. Exactly where you will feel the surge (at work? with family? in your health? in your communication?) depends on where Sadge and planets in Sadge and planets making an aspect to Sadge or the 9th house which is ruled by Sadge are located in your personal astrological birth chart.

Those of us with Sun in Sadge tend to have personalities that are more open, friendly, jolly, perhaps less than graceful (and I speak from personal knowledge...), a bit lucky, interested in many different things and a great friend! This is a good time of year to plan get togethers, travel and expansions (such as taking a new course of study to expand your knowledge). Notably this is the time of year when our waistlines can expand too because of all the festivities. Ahem.

You can read more about Sadges in my sun sign book, should you have an interest.


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