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Magic Wand

Wandstar Can you ever have enough ways of increasing the good karma? Probably not. So in a spirit of holiday cheer, here is yet another way to make your wishes come true .. or not....

Kirks Folly is a family business founded in NYC in 1979. They design jewelry, home and fashion items. Their offerings cover a variety of themes like fantasy, medieval magic, fairies, and celestial moon & stars and their designs are both whimsical and enchanting.

We can all use a little magic, right? Here's an item that might make the fates happier: this looks like it could be a wand that delivers. It's 14 inches long and is encrusted with Aurora Borealis and pink crystals. Pour the included "Follydust" into the base of the wand and sprinkle it out through the filigree star at the top to either increase your room's dust content or possibly make wishes come true. Chains of wishing balls and golden stars dangle from the base to increase the charm power. And yet, at $278.00 a stick I'd say it is reserved for true believers only.

Just be careful where you wave it: Sometimes wishes do come true but not at the expense of an eye.


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