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A Charming Gift for Your Dog

Is your bowser a friendly Sadge, a sexy Taurean "Bull" dog or a barking Gemini? Whatever sign they are , let them show off their astrological sign with a dapper birthstone .... err .. birthbone charm for their collar.

BirthboneCertainly for the pooch who has everything, each have 100 sparkling Swarovski crystals pave-set into jewelry grade silver. They are available from amazon.com for only $39.99.  That's a small price to pay in exchange for your pooch's unwavering loyalty and good new age karma.

Crystal Ball

Crystal The uninitiated might consider this as just a striking "objet d'art." But it is really a Crystal Ball. It spins on its pedestal and is made from lead-free crystal and is hand-polished for exceptional shine and clarity. It's available from redenvelope.com for $150, just in time for the gift giving season. Hint, Hint.

Spend some time gazing into its depths and it's sure to inspire meditation and enlightenment. If you have difficulty analyzing your insights or predicting the winning lottery numbers, you can use it as mood enhancer by slipping two of them in your pants.

And since I am in a playful mood, here, from YouTube, is a song to the crystal ball, aptly named "Joey's crystal ball"

If you'd like to try your hand at predicting the future, you might benefit from reading:  Crystal Ball Gazing: The Complete Guide to Choosing and Reading Your Crystal Ball by Uma Silbey.

Gifts for Tarot Card Lovers

TarotcatIt would be a shame to restrict Tarot card artwork to the cards alone -- some are just too beautiful! So, I'm glad that Baba Studio prints some of their gorgeous artwork on cushions and pillows for the home and tote bags and other textiles that you can wear.

Baba is a design studio in the centre of Prague. They are "focused stylistically on Magic Realism, and philosophically on socially aware projects that encourage tolerance, imagination and empathy. We aim for individualism, quality and care in everything we do."

How do you like this small silk wristlet with the Bohemiam cat reading Tarot cards? It's only $32.00 (a bargain at any price) and would make a fun, unique gift for your tarot card reading cat.

Astrology Gift Idea

Horoscopegift This is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your friend, lover or whomever!

Everyone appreciates a little added sparkle and this crystal-encrusted Zodiac Mirror Compact is certain to delight. The lid of this mirror compact is covered in clear Swarovski crystals with black Swarovski crystals creating the zodiac symbol. There is one for each astrological sign and they are available exclusively at Bloomingdale's for only $69.

Only one word of caution: one mirror is magnified and sometimes this provides more detail than a one might wish to see . . .

Aromatherapy Gift Sampler

Aromasampler Need a break from the mad holiday rush? I do! I do!

Bring on the oils. This miniature bath oil collection has nine vials of Aromatherapy Associates' most popular bath and shower oils. You can use these scents in your bath or shower and receive benefits ranging from a deep relaxation to a "revive me" for a holiday bash or an evening on the town. Specifically this kit comes with: Relax Light Relax, Relax Deep Relax, De-Stress Mind, De-Stress Muscle, Revive Morning, Revive Evening, Rescue Breathe, Rescue Lavender & Peppermint, and Rescue Equilibrium. This sampler is available for $38 from SpaLook at amazon.com.

These oils can be used in bath or shower, although I think soaking in a bath is much more beneficial. Light a few candles and consider inviting someone to join you in the tub to stir up the bubbles. When you share the experience, the benefits may be more than therapeutic. . .

What stress you out? 

  • My boss
  • My Kids
  • My Friends
  • The holiday rush
  • My spouse or partner
  • My parents
  • My co-workers
  • Oh just everything!!!!
  • I am not stressed at all ......

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