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February 2008 Pet Horoscope

A new breeze sweeps clean this February so give your favorite friend room to try new things. How about an extra treat for Valentines Day??

Expect your Aquarius pet to slobber over an invited guest this month. First impressions are lasting impressions and they are focused on causing a ruckus. Lock them in the bedroom if you can when strangers are in the house.

Read your pet's free February 2008 horoscope here and find all sorts of interesting and exciting pet posts at Petopia.
If you want to gain astrological insight into your dog's thoughts, moods and behavior you should read Dog Stars: Astrology for Dog Lovers. Cat lovers who read Vivian's Original Cat Astrology will learn how different vibrations of the planets influence each cat's personality, resulting in some cats becoming homebodies and some wandering gypsies.

February 2008 Horoscope

Here is your free February 2008 monthly horoscope:


Expect a whirlwind of romantic dreams this February as feisty Mars trines foggy Neptune. We live in a magic state. So give and get your assorted valentines while the heat and your heart smolder. Will you get burnt? Do you care?

Aquarians are focused on getting out in front of the crowds and having fun this February. And why not? Mars trine Neptune creates opportunities for you to become the social epicenter of any fabulous event. Keep things under control so others (and you) do not get out of hand. Of course there can never be too many hands when the body politic is involved....

Happy Birthday Aquarius! Read all the other signs here.
Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart an interesting, fun and insightful book and at 944 pages, it is comprehensive. This 5-star rated, classic guide is all about relationships and covers every possible combination of signs.

Cloud Appreciation Society: Recruiting Cloudspotters

Pinkcloud2 Hot Pink Flying Saucer?

Pledging to fight "blue-sky thinking" The Cloud Appreciation Society members proudly proclaim their love of clouds. For only £4.00 you can have a lifetime membership with a certificate to prove it. At the official club site you can find cloud art and poetry, cloud calendars, the cloud of the month, and a full photo gallery of, you guessed it, clouds. Several books have been published, the most recent one is: "Hot Pink Flying Saucers and Other Clouds."

If you like the idea of a carefree (with the accent on "free") pastime that requires no more than looking up, think about visiting their site. The Society encourages all people to find a few moments in the day to gaze up and let their imaginations wander among the shifting shapes of the sky. Anything to keep from working....

Top Ten Best Astrology Sites

I am frequently asked what astrology sites I like best. Well, of course there is my own Cosmic World blog as well as my website www.TheStarryEye.com. But aside from those there are at least ten others that warrant the label "The Best" ... in my humble opinion. Here they are in no particular order:

Top Ten Sources for Astrology - Elsa's fabulous lists of the very best.

Bob Marks, one of my favorite TV astrologers. May the stars be with you, Bob!

Zodiacal is a great site for moon charts, ephemeris etc.

Horoscopes4U has some of the best choice of horoscopes on the web!

Mountain Astrologer Magazine one of the best astrology mags on the market.

Intoxicated Zodiac offers a variety of sun sign inspired cocktails to satisfy any palette.

Astrology Blogger Directory offers a directory and headlines and summaries of recent posts.

Top Listed, Astrology gives the latest astrology news, advice, articles and more from a number of top astrology sites.

TopQuarkia which is Debbi Kempton-Smith's website. She wrote what I consider to be one of the best intro-to-astrology books ever: Secrets From A Stargazers Notebook.

Cafe Astrology offers a great selection of articles on all astrological subjects.

Do you have a favorite or two? Please send them to me!

Bad Fortune Cookies

I love cracking open a fortune cookie at the end of a meal. But I don't like fortunes that are vague or, even worse, portend bad news. Fortunecookies Now I really have something to worry about with these new Wonton Foods fortune cookies. And yet all is not lost -- I believe that the only way a fortune takes hold of you is if you eat some of the cookie. So if you don't like your fortune, just toss out the cookie and then try again.

When Fortune Knocks, It's Not Always Good News!

Wonton Food, the largest fortune cookie maker in the country, recently decided to update their catalog of 10,000 fortunes. They wanted to add new, more contemporary items and customers had been requesting more fortunes with actual predictions rather than cryptic sayings. And so the writers came up with new messages, like: "Today is a disastrous day. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em." As you can imagine, they have had mixed reactions to these "bad" fortunes. You can read more in the New York Times article.

One way to avoid an unpleasant surprise is to write your own fortune and order custom cookies. Contact me and I'll write a personal fortune just for you.
If this whets your appetite: buy La Choy Fortune cookies.
And, read "The First Book of Tasteless Fortune Cookie Fortunes" for inspiration for creating your own fortunes: buy this book.

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