Void of Course Moons - February 2008
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Biodynamic Wines

Winelabel I enjoy drinking good wines but when I walk into a wine shop I don't have a clue about how to select a bottle. When I am not being cheap, I might splurge on a wine based solely on its pretty label. But that doesn't always result in good plonk. It was only when I heard about the increasing popularity of biodynamic wines that I was intrigued enough to learn a bit more.

Biodynamic wines are produced using principles of organic farming along with aspects of mysticism to make vineyards more harmonious with the land. Bonny Doon Vineyards is one of a growing number of vineyards adopting this discipline and creating critically acclaimed wines in the process. Bonny Doon Vineyards states they "harmonize our farming practices with the subtle forces of the universe, following the astronomical calendar, availing ourselves of free cosmic fertilizer..." Wikipedia notes:

Many grape growers claim to have tried biodynamic methods and found immediate improvements in the health of their vineyards, specifically speaking in the areas of biodiversity, soil fertility, crop nutrition, and pest, weed, and disease management. Winemakers claim to have noted stronger, clearer, more vibrant tastes, as well as wines that remain drinkable longer.

You can find a lot more online. As for me, the next time I'm in the wine shop, I'm looking for the biodynamic section. Hey anything for a good karmic buzz!!
Of related interest is: The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook: Real Nutrition That Doesn't Cost the Earth by Wendy E. Cook


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