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Cloud Appreciation Society: Recruiting Cloudspotters

Pinkcloud2 Hot Pink Flying Saucer?

Pledging to fight "blue-sky thinking" The Cloud Appreciation Society members proudly proclaim their love of clouds. For only £4.00 you can have a lifetime membership with a certificate to prove it. At the official club site you can find cloud art and poetry, cloud calendars, the cloud of the month, and a full photo gallery of, you guessed it, clouds. Several books have been published, the most recent one is: "Hot Pink Flying Saucers and Other Clouds."

If you like the idea of a carefree (with the accent on "free") pastime that requires no more than looking up, think about visiting their site. The Society encourages all people to find a few moments in the day to gaze up and let their imaginations wander among the shifting shapes of the sky. Anything to keep from working....


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