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Top Ten Best Astrology Sites

I am frequently asked what astrology sites I like best. Well, of course there is my own Cosmic World blog as well as my website www.TheStarryEye.com. But aside from those there are at least ten others that warrant the label "The Best" ... in my humble opinion. Here they are in no particular order:

Top Ten Sources for Astrology - Elsa's fabulous lists of the very best.

Bob Marks, one of my favorite TV astrologers. May the stars be with you, Bob!

Zodiacal is a great site for moon charts, ephemeris etc.

Horoscopes4U has some of the best choice of horoscopes on the web!

Mountain Astrologer Magazine one of the best astrology mags on the market.

Intoxicated Zodiac offers a variety of sun sign inspired cocktails to satisfy any palette.

Astrology Blogger Directory offers a directory and headlines and summaries of recent posts.

Top Listed, Astrology gives the latest astrology news, advice, articles and more from a number of top astrology sites.

TopQuarkia which is Debbi Kempton-Smith's website. She wrote what I consider to be one of the best intro-to-astrology books ever: Secrets From A Stargazers Notebook.

Cafe Astrology offers a great selection of articles on all astrological subjects.

Do you have a favorite or two? Please send them to me!


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