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Wine Therapy?

Olaviebutter Some of you may think that the only way to get any therapeutic benefit from wine is to drink it. Well, here's another way: Olavie Chardonnay Wine Therapy. This treatment provides the highest quality antioxidant skin care by using products that contain a Chardonnay grape seed extract that's seven times more potent than Vitamin E.

This line of products have been a hit with celebrities and top spas where it is possible to book a wine therapy treatment. Try at your local spa or, if your post-holiday budget is a bit tight, try doing a treatment at home. The Body Butter contains Chardonnay grape seed extract to fight off free radicals and lavender and rosemary extracts to impart a healthy glow to your skin. 

Go ahead and indulge -- this is one of those rare things that not only feels good but is good for you. Resolve to pamper yourself a bit this year.

As for me, I will try my wine therapy from a glass.... ahem.


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