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Barack Obama's Horoscope - An Update

This is an update to a previous post. I have since learned that Barack Obama's actual birth time is 7:24pm and not 1:06pm. This makes a difference in some of the analysis. Everything in italics is new or revised:

Obama_5 Barack Obama has emerged as a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential nomination race and this should be no surprise to anyone who has seen his birth horoscope.

Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His birth time is hard to find. I first used 1:06pm as reported by Neptune Cafe but have since been informed that his birth certificate is on his site as 7:24pm. Here is a very topline look at his chart:

With his brilliant Leo sun, he is charming, generous, charismatic and focused on getting ahead of the competition. He basks in admiration and love to be in the center of the action. But there is more: he has his moon (how he expresses his emotions) in Gemini which makes him smart, quick, witty, and has the ability to connect to others emotionally through his speech and ideas. His Venus (planet of love) is in Cancer which enables him to reach people on a very emotional and personal level. He is lovable. Mars (planet of action and energy) is in Virgo which makes him meticulous, detailed oriented and very practical. His is a powerful combination of good placements for his personal planets. But there is more.

His chart is filled with aspects (angles in the chart) that give the chart excellent energies. First I noticed the Trine between Mars (energy) and Saturn (lessons, problems and wisdom). This means that he is able to harness his energy to reach any success and he can also learn from his mistakes. He can overcome hardship and make use of his past struggles and learn from them.

More good news:

Neptune trines Venus sextiles Pluto – Intuitive sense of what makes people happy, knows how to best reach the masses and achieve transformative results. Very charismatic!

Moon sextile Mercury trine Jupiter – a charming and eloquent speaker. A good communicator who can effect great change through words.

Mars trine Saturn – Actions achieve an excellent result.

Vertex sextile Neptune - Intuition can be used to create the best actions for the best results.

Venus sextile Pluto sextile North Node - His innate charm will lead to success and great transformation.

Venus trine Neptune - He knows what will make people happy. Has an excellent intuition in that area.

Saturn and Jupiter sextile Midheaven -  Lots of excellent energy runs through his chart and impacts his public persona. Hard work and luck will bring great success.

Mercury trine MidHeaven - A great communicator whose words will impact many people.

What does he have to be careful of? He has:

Neptune square Jupiter – dreams can become unwieldy and out of control. Rein in and be more practical.

Saturn conjunct Jupiter – Be careful in risk taking. The bigger the risk the bigger the fallout. Mercury opposite Jupiter and Saturn – Watch what you say and how you say it. Idle words can create havoc.

Uranus square Moon – Emotions can get out of hand. Must learn to control emotions or emotions will control you.

Pluto and Vertex square Moon – Massive uncontrollable change can occur based on emotions. It might upset plans.

North Node square MidHeaven - Success can be derailed.

Pluto conjunct Vertex - Immense power that may become uncontrollable 

Uranus square MidHeaven - Surprises and shocks that can impact his public persona or career progression.

How does his chart compared to Hillary Clinton’s? Stay tuned….
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Barack has written several well-received books, here is one: The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream


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