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Hillary Clinton's Horoscope

Hillary As the presidential nomination race continues, let's look at Hillary Clinton's birthchart to see if there is any clue about her chances for the nomination. Using Neptune Cafe chart data, she was born on October 26, 1947 at 8am in Chicago, Illinois.

The first thing that I notice about her chart is that she has a great deal of Scorpio energy: Her Sun (basic personality), Venus (how she expresses her love) and Mercury (her communication) are all in that sign. And she has Scorpio rising which accentuates the Scorpio feeling of her personality. This woman is a mystery. She feels deeply (Moon in Pisces) but might not let you know how deeply she is moved. While she might be considered secretive, this might also play out as strategic and intuitive. The highest planet in her chart is Saturn which indicates struggles to achieve but she is able to overcome her troubles with a grace and magnanimity.

Her Sun has a good aspect to Uranus which means that she can harness dramatic change to her advantage but her love life (Venus) may create problems, dramatic change and action (square Saturn, Pluto, Mars). But she can think and communicate (Mercury)  in an emotionally compelling way (trine Moon). She must make her own luck (Jupiter square Midheaven) so her road to success will not be easy.

Hers is not the easy way. With all that Scorpio in her chart she gets ahead by her wits and ability. While she may appear distant, she has high ideals and will find a way to succeed against all odds. I would not count her out of this race just yet but I do think she has a greater struggle ahead to win hearts and minds.

Can she pull it off? Stay tuned....
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