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Reusable Zodiac Tote, Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

Zodiactote I have written about the Intoxicated Zodiac Site before. It is one of my favorite sites. And now here is something they offer that I especially like.

This is their Plastic is Not a Celestial Body Tote, an oversized 17" x17" limited edition reusable shopping bag made in Nepal of 100% organic durable jute. Everyone knows that reusable totes are so much better for the environment than plastic or paper bags. And if an improved environment isn't enough motivation consider this. Each purchase helps some of the 300,000 Nepali women who have been kidnapped or sold into prostitution rebuild their lives.

They have one for each zodiac sign but currently Capricorn is the only one shipping, the others are available for pre-order. The tote is $49 -- buy two: one for you and one for an eco-minded friend.
For more ideas of how you can help lessen global warming read (or see on film) An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore.


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