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Marshmallow War

Marshmallowblaster Reality bites. Do you need a way to let off steam and pump up your spirits?

Well, let the war games begin! Paint balls are too messy and snow balls are too cold and too "winter" but marshmallows, well marshmallows are just right for any time of year. And the perfect weapon for shooting your marshmallows is The Original Marshmallow Blaster which can propel your marshmallows up to 40 feet -- that is 3 cubicles over. Of course you can just shoot the marshmallows up and catch them in your mouth. Do they then become mouthmellows? Hey, sugar helps raise one's disposition, I am told.

Load your Blaster with either mini or large marshmallows. Just don't eat all the ammo before you're assured victory. Videotape your skirmishes and post the best ones on YouTube. Then you can just replay it anytime you're feeling a bit low.


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