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Suspect Zero

Suspect Hooray for Netflix which offers me an opportunity to see movies that I missed in the theaters.

Last night I saw Suspect Zero. (2004) which stars Aaron Eckhart (Thank You For Smoking) and Sir Ben Kingsley (just about every great movie).

I will not give the entire plot away because I want you to see it but it has to do with the concept of remote viewing. That is a parapsychology skill that exists in all of us and just has to be exercised. They call it a technical ability which can be learned. It was employed by the FBI during the Cold War as a way to help delve into the minds of adversaries. Essentially one is able to help solve crimes by concentrating and thus seeing into the minds of others. The remote viewer will write their feelings and visions on a piece of paper, perhaps drawing maps or pictures of the scene and often with amazing accuracy. Why does it work? Remote viewing is a part of the work of Noetic Sciences which is dedicated to using new techniques to solve crimes.

The best reason to see it on DVD however is because of the extra material (special features) where the director was asked to engage in a remote viewing exercise. The results are amazing, spooky and exciting. And that is all I'll say until you have viewed the movie and special features too.
Suspect Zero is available at Amazon: buy the widescreen edition or  buy the full screen edition.


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