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Total Lunar Eclipse, Feb 20, 2008


Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse, In Person or Live on the Webcast

Lunar eclipses can only occur at Full Moon, when the Earth is between the sun and the moon, and the moon moves through Earth's shadow. You do not need special eye protection to view a lunar eclipse, just look east on the night of February 20. A partial eclipse begins at 8:43 pm ET, the totality runs from 10:01 pm and ends at 10:51 pm and it is all over at nine minutes past midnight.

If you can't get outside, or your night sky is not clear, go to this web page and click on a link for the live webcast of the eclipse. You'll find lots of information about eclipses at the site including a full explanation, diagrams, schedules of future eclipses and more.

Try to witness this amazingly beautiful show of nature. The moon will change color and take on hues ranging from bright orange and yellow to blood red and dark brown. If you take a great photo, please email it to me and I'll share it with everyone.
For more go to site:  Lunar Eclipses for Beginners. Two books to consider: Eclipses 2005-2017: A Handbook of Solar And Lunar Eclipses And Other Rare Astronomical Events , and Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation (Special Topics in Astrology)


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