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April 2008 Pet Horoscope

April brings a burst of new energy to all types of pets. With the Sun traveling from rambunctious Aries into bullish Taurus on the 21th, use this time to bask in the solar energy and have fun. No exceptions!


Stand back, world; Aries pets are brimming with self confidence. (So what else is new?) These guys are positively charismatic this April and can entice people to let them rule the roost. A warm spot in the center of the bed? No problem!

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If you want to gain astrological insight into your dog's thoughts, moods and behavior you should read Dog Stars: Astrology for Dog Lovers. Cat lovers who read Vivian's Original Cat Astrology will learn how different vibrations of the planets influence each cat's personality, resulting in some cats becoming homebodies and some wandering gypsies.

Are You Looking for a Lucky Break?

Wishbone2 What can be luckier than breaking a wishbone, coming away with the largest piece and having your wish come true? But finding a suitable wishbone when you need it can be a challenge. Now, making your wishes come true is a snap with these realistic, plastic Lucky Break Wishbones(R). No more fighting over the one wishbone -- now you can let everyone can take a crack at one -- and no animals are harmed.

The custom of breaking a wishbone may have begun 2,400 years ago with Etruscans who believed fowl were fortune tellers and their collarbones sacred. One could stroke the bone and make a wish, thus the name wishbone, and people fought over the bones, leading them to breaking them. This custom evolved to the current "tug of war" ritual and lead to phrases such as "I need a lucky break." For more of this custom read: Wishing on a Wishbone.

You can order the Lucky Break Wishbones from their website. Buy an Office Pack of 15 wishbones: you and all your office mates can wish for a raise (and a new boss). Or buy the Galaxy Pack of 365 and spread the good luck around! Let me know if any of your wishes come true. . .

The Human Clock

This is just a heck of good "time" site.

If you are in need of the time in a new and creative way, check out The Human Clock which can be set for your own time zone. What the site offers are photos that contain the time in various posted photos. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes they are hidden. Can you spot the time at the right time??

April 2008 Horoscope

April showers wash over us in a refreshing and invigorating way. Maybe that’s because the Sun, Saturn and Pluto form a trine mid-month. Things fall into place in an unusual and transformative way. Why ask why? Enjoy the serendipity and hold on tight.


April starts off as a collision between long term career goals and the petty demands of the day to day job. Rams begin to feel like rats on a treadmill. But as the month progresses, relief is in sight, as well as a clear professional direction. Will you leave for something better or make your mark where you are? Time will tell if you don’t watch the clock.

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Get Good Karma

I just discovered Get Good Karma and not a moment too soon! This little site of karma measurement offers a test (well its called a Karma Approximator and who am I to argue and ruin my karma score) to see whether you are on the side of goodness or evil. It allows you to redeem yourself lest you fall too low on the karma scale and encourages you to do more and better. Karma is the cosmos payback for your good and evil deeds. Do good ones and reap the rewards. Fall into an evil lot and watch as the fates deliver in kind right back at 'cha.

Cosmick So visit Karmalot, take the test and see if you can beat my 130 score. To learn about karmic astrology read this highly rated book: Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe.

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