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April 2008 Pet Horoscope

Are You Looking for a Lucky Break?

Wishbone2 What can be luckier than breaking a wishbone, coming away with the largest piece and having your wish come true? But finding a suitable wishbone when you need it can be a challenge. Now, making your wishes come true is a snap with these realistic, plastic Lucky Break Wishbones(R). No more fighting over the one wishbone -- now you can let everyone can take a crack at one -- and no animals are harmed.

The custom of breaking a wishbone may have begun 2,400 years ago with Etruscans who believed fowl were fortune tellers and their collarbones sacred. One could stroke the bone and make a wish, thus the name wishbone, and people fought over the bones, leading them to breaking them. This custom evolved to the current "tug of war" ritual and lead to phrases such as "I need a lucky break." For more of this custom read: Wishing on a Wishbone.

You can order the Lucky Break Wishbones from their website. Buy an Office Pack of 15 wishbones: you and all your office mates can wish for a raise (and a new boss). Or buy the Galaxy Pack of 365 and spread the good luck around! Let me know if any of your wishes come true. . .


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