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Democrats vs Republicans, Astrologically

Repvsdem No doubt, this next presidential election will be close. But is there a way to see if the Democrats or the Republicans have a little edge? Let's look the horoscope chart for the last days of their respective conventions and see if we can get a clue.

For the Democratic convention I used August 28, 2008 (the convention runs from August 25-28) at 9p (when one might expect the finalist to be officially nominated) in Denver, CO. For  the Republican convention I used Sep 4 (it runs from September 1-4) at 9pm in St Paul, Minnesota.

Similarities: Obviously both chart share a lot of similarities because the dates are so close. Both have lots of planets in the 6th house, which rules hard work, attention to detail, day to day job and tasks. So I see both sides being very diligent, hard working and meticulous to detail in this race.

Both have Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) as the highest planet in the chart. So both have a fighting chance of success. Both have Mars making a square aspect to the Midheaven (top of the chart) - hard driving (maybe too hard), potential to make mistakes. Both have the Vertex (powerpoint) square to the top indicating possibility to making mistakes and using power too heavy handedly. But both also have Sun (the big wish) and Saturn (learning from mistakes, hard work) making great aspects to the Midheaven showing success. I don't think either time has a void of course moon which would derail any best laid plans.

Differences that can make a difference: The Sun in the Democratic chart is in a closer aspect to the Midheaven than the Republican Sun. So if the nominations come in close to 9pm for both parties, the Democrats should have an edge in their nominee.

Also, Leo is on the cusp of the 6th house for Democrats. Virgo is on the cusp for Republicans. Leo is a theatrical, showy sign that is generous and charismatic. The Democrats may edge out in personality but the Republican chart has Jupiter right at the top of the chart and Virgo on the cusp of the 6th house making anice aspect to the Midheaven. What this means to me is that the Democrats may appear to be more showy but Republicans could edge out a victory by sticking to the grindstone and making their luck happen in a less glamorous way.

The Democratic chart has Uranus (surprises) opposite Venus (charisma) and the North Node (success) opposite Moon (emotions). A warning to Democrats - what you think will go over well, may not. Don't let emotional responses sidetrack your agenda.

The Republican chart has better overall aspects - more trines, while the Democrats have more oppositions. Generally the Republican chart is the "easier" of the two. But a more stressful chart does not necessarily mean that one is destined to lose. What it means is that one has to work extra hard but success can be that much greater.

It is either side's election to win or lose, but I give a slight edge to the Rebublicans if both parties nominate on the last day of their conventions around 9pm.
To learn more about this exciting branch of astrology read Political Astrology. For a history of the study of the stars and how they affect the destinies of people and events read The Fated Sky: Astrology in History.


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