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April 2008 Horoscope

Get Good Karma

I just discovered Get Good Karma and not a moment too soon! This little site of karma measurement offers a test (well its called a Karma Approximator and who am I to argue and ruin my karma score) to see whether you are on the side of goodness or evil. It allows you to redeem yourself lest you fall too low on the karma scale and encourages you to do more and better. Karma is the cosmos payback for your good and evil deeds. Do good ones and reap the rewards. Fall into an evil lot and watch as the fates deliver in kind right back at 'cha.

Cosmick So visit Karmalot, take the test and see if you can beat my 130 score. To learn about karmic astrology read this highly rated book: Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe.


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