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Uranus Toilet Paper: Lost in Translation?

Tpastro I always take note of products with an astrology- or astronomy-related theme and this photo of toilet paper -- Uranus -- caught my eye. How do you suppose the radio ad jingle sounds: When you're on the toilet and need a wipe, just reach for Uranus?

This is from engrish.com which features photos of products, signs, etc. that make humorous English mistakes. Although this toilet paper was seen in Hong Kong, the webmaster has found that the vast majority of the really funny and creative Engrish is from Japan. Visit the site for more laughs.

Do you have any favorite astrology/astronomy themed items?
The engrish.com webmaster has put together this book of images that highlight the most outrageous and riotous-yet oddly insightful-misuses of English: The Joys of Engrish.
Here's an album of some of the most ridiculous street signs from around the globe -- Lonely Planet Signspotting: Absurd & Amusing Signs from Around the World.


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