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May 2008 Pet Horoscope

May 2008 Horoscope

Plant a bevy of May flowers and expect some budding surprises throughout the month. That’s because Mercury retrogrades and sparks an imaginative jaunt with Neptune. Don’t ask “May I?”. Just forge ahead and bloom.


TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls feel especially greedy and mercenary this May. Unfortunately your quest for money may not result in extra booty, just extra angst. Mercury and Neptune retrograde and conspire to dangle the carrot deceptively and tantalizingly out of your reach. Don’t be fooled and don’t jump for every coin. There will be time to grab the bulging bag later this summer.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
There is an exotic stranger who would like to take you for a ride. But save your cab fare and travel on your own instead.  Twins are blabbing first and thinking later. As good as someone looks, they are less than what they appear to be. Mercury and Neptune retrograde manage to weave dreams from floss. There is no substance, it sure looks pretty but it has no strength.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Crabs are apt to pry open everyone’s Pandoras Box this May. Curiosity may get the better of you and folks find that you simply can’t be trusted to keep a secret. Of course, allowing a little spillage now and then is liberating. So if you decide to open the floodgates, be sure that lovers are comfortable with the water level. When in doubt float gently on your good name.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Friends manage to topple the domestic applecart this May if you allow. Certain truisms are no longer valid and things that you routinely take for granted seem to shift. Maybe Lions secretly yearn to modify their current partnerships and so allow changes to be made on their behalf. If you are on the prowl, expect hotsy totsy romance from an otherwise cool individual.

May is the month to more carefully consider what you really want out of life. Is your career path going in the direction you want? Are you hob nobbing with the appropriate nobs or are they just a bunch of slobs? Virgos have to choose or lose from a couple of major moves now. Take a good hard look at your circumstances, gather your data and then go with your gut.

There is arguably never a better time to travel than this May. Libras can find adventure, lust, excitement and surprises in faraway places. But try not to go overboard in any excursion. Keep an eye on your budget and the amount of time you decide to take from work. Not only are you flying on a dream, you may be forgetting some loose ends. Tie ‘em up or down.

Not only will your home life become more lively this May, you may also find a range of other delightful diversions wherever you hang your hat. Scorps are especially passionate and sexy now and can charm anyone they set their mind to charm. Will you waste this on a light bite or hold out for the full banquet. Why is this night different from all other nights.

May is a time of openness, honesty and positive changes in any of your relationships if you are willing to work at it. Even if you are not willing to work at it, good changes occur anyway. Maybe its because you feel free to express your opinions. Or maybe its because you are listening carefully. They say there is nothing sexier than a good listener. Especially if they are naked.

If your “in” box is overflowing, take a breath and think of May. You gain a fresh perspective on any drab cubicle. Caps have several great ideas that can lighten their load at work. But consider implementing them only after they are vetted for practicality and cost. A toned body for swimsuit season is also in the cards if you know deal with the exercise required.

Make a beeline for any big party scene this May. You create quite a bit of buzz in your comings and goings. Not only are Aquarians the toast of the town, they grab all the attention and make the most out of any brief encounter. Choose the most important folks to impress. Jump into the pit and charm any snake. Speak in a forked tongue if you have to.

Fish are especially intuitive in May. They seem to know what will happen before it occurs. This is particularly true with any family related issue. Get to the core of the matter and improve the situation. It is also a good time to change your residence. If funds are tight, spruce it up rather than tear it down. Hint: Lose the macrame plant hangers.

Your thoughts and speech cannot be reined in this May although you may try to do so. There is something quietly but shockingly out of control with Rams. Expect a number of “uh oh” moments when you might spill the beans to friends or imagine something outrageous and ultimately incorrect. Don’t jump to conclusions, especially when you are so close to the cliff.

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