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Crystal Skulls: Power, Mystery, Legend

Skull The new Indiana Jones movie is generating lots of excitement among fans who have come to love the adventure of digging for great lost treasures and the stars of these movies. This latest release is also creating a new awareness of crystal skulls and lots of intrigue regarding the mystery and legend of these real archaeological oddities.

Are crystal skulls the storehouse for ancient knowledge, encoded with the secrets of the universe, with the key to a better future?

Crystal skulls have been uncovered, primarily, in various ancient ruins in Mexico and Central America. Much mystery surrounds these discoveries: who made the crystal skulls, how where they designed and created, what purpose do they serve? The skulls have unusual properties: holographic images form inside the skulls, unique energy fields are measured within or around the skulls. Many people feel the skulls have special powers: some have been healed in the presence of a skull, some feel their life can be improved just by holding a skull.

Recently the SciFi Channel ran a two hour documentary entitled Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. They explored the true history of the legendary relics, (and specifically the infamous Mitchell-Hedges skull) exhuming the myths, legends and controversies surrounding them. Among the questions addressed: Could the skulls be ancient Mayan prophecies of doom, relics from the Lost City of Atlantis, or store a vast knowledge of a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization? Watch the following clip of the documentary.

Want more? You can schedule a Crystal Skull Event for your group with an organization that will give a 3 hour presentation that delves into various theories about the origins of the crystal skulls and their ultimate purpose. They can also arrange for private sessions with a skull.

If you wish to be part of the adventure of searching for crystal skulls, meet Joshua Shapiro, a real crystal skull explorer with 25 years of experience. Think of him as a real life Indiana Jones. You can follow his on-the-road experiences by reading his journal. You can see crystal skulls at various museums around the world, for example at the British Museum.
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