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Handwriting and the Election: What Graphology Says About the Candidates

Handwriting I just saw this interesting analysis on Yahoo. Virginie Monte says that, through her handwriting, Hillary Clinton is smart and forceful, John McCain is proud but has a volatile temper, and Barack Obama is a diplomat who deals well with different people and situations.

"Handwriting is a reflection of the inner personality. It shows a person's ego strength, how good they feel about themselves, their intellectual, communication and working styles," graphologist Sheila Lowe.

Graphology – the study of one’s handwriting, is very popular in sophisticated markets such as France where recruiters often ask for a handwriting analysis as part of the job consideration process.

In the U.S. handwriting analysis has it waves of interst. Consider the election cycle. "Each time there are elections, I get invited to TV shows, radio shows," Lowe said. "There is always somebody who wants to know something, even if they don't take graphology seriously." Just the signatures of the candidates are revelatory -- at least to the eye of an expert.

Republican John McCain's signature shows a proud, idealistic but impulsive, if not uncontrollable man, according to the experts. New York graphologist Roger Rubin agreed, and also saw a powerful ego at play in the senator from Arizona because of the unevenness of McCain’s signature. "The capital J is the largest letter, which shows his strong belief in his own ego. The size of 'John' overwhelms the size of 'McCain' -- this shows how distant he is from his family roots."

Obama's signature reveals similar traits. The vertical straight line of the B in Obama cuts through the large O -- which is nonetheless smaller than the B in Barack. "The very large B shows he also has a very strong sense of his own ego," Rubin said. "And he is crossing out his family name," he added, recalling that Obama's father left the family when the front-runner for the Democratic nomination was just a young boy.

Yet another graphologist had a different interpretation of the bisected O: "He draws that circle and a line through it, and it's really like he has two different worlds," said Paula Sassi. "I think it shows his black and white heritage." The fluidity of Obama's signature is a sign of high intelligence, while its illegibility shows he is protecting his privacy. The large letters in Obama's signature show that he is ambitious, self-confident and views himself as a leader.

Clinton's legible, balanced signature shows a woman of great intelligence. It's simplicity portrays a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" personality, said Lowe. Her straight-up-and-down writing indicates that she "thinks with her head, not with her heart," said Sassi. "But there is enough roundness in her writing to show that she cares about people," said Imberman. The fact that the second leg of the H and the second L in Hillary are higher than the first show ambition.

It is difficult, the experts say, to tell the sex of a person from their handwriting, or to discern if they are left- or right-handed. But, interestingly enough, Obama and McCain are lefties -- just like four out of five US presidents immediately before them: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton.

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