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John McCain's Horoscope

Mccain There is something very striking about John McCain's horoscope. (Born August 29, 1936 at 9am in Cocosolo, Panama) Not only does he have a lot of aspects (the angles that the planets make to each other in a chart) which indicate a great deal of energy, he also has Pluto, the planet of volcanic power and transformative change, in his 10th house of career and as the highest planet in his chart. This man can harness tremendous inner strength and overcome any and all obstacles. In fact, looking at the career sector of his horoscope, it is clear to see that he will be a formidable candidate - Pluto and Mars (planet of energy and action) are both there. And his Mars makes a great, beneficial aspect to Jupiter (luck) in his chart.

But I am getting ahead of myself. John McCain has Sun (basic personality) in careful, conservative, detail-oriented Virgo, Mercury (communications) in charming Libra, Venus (love) in Virgo, Mars (energy) in feisty Leo and his moon (emotions) in dour Capricorn. This is someone who is, at heart, a perfectionist. But you may not know it by just a casual acquaintance with him.

In fact he is tightly in control: Saturn (the planet of problems, learning from past experience, wisdom) opposes both his Venus and Neptune (dreams) indicating that light hearted sentiments are doused in the cold reality of life.

Upon first meeting him you will see his charismatic and charming Libra ascendant. And as you get to know him better you will see how deeply and passionately he feels about home, country and family (Cancer on the Midheaven). Sometimes he confounds his own luck (Grand Cross - Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune/Venus) but can regain his standing quickly (Jupiter trine Mars).

What fascinates me is that on election day, the planet Pluto (power) will be transiting his chart at almost an exact degree to his North Node (success), transiting Saturn will almost exactly oppose his natal Saturn and transiting Jupiter will be almost in an exact opposition to the top of his chart. This is an extraordinary amount of activity to his chart from some very powerful planets. This indicates to me that he either has an excellent chance of being elected or something world altering will happen in his candidacy.

A post comparing McCain's chart with that of the Democratic nominee will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.
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