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July 2008 Horoscope

Images July steamrolls us when the Sun opposes retro Jupiter. Our bon temps can become bon fires. Think about what you really want and plan out your course of action carefully lest you singe your best assets. Ouch!

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Rams are ready to tackle anything, everything, anytime, anyplace this July. Sun and Jupiter combine forces and goad you to  upend any balancing act. If you are looking for changes, you find them. But if you are seeking a sedate interlude, avoid snap decisions and emotional responses. Patience is not only a virtue, it can now be a potent long term strategy.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
While you envision yourself as quite the speaker, diplomacy may not be your strong suit this July. Sun and Jupiter splash your bold comments on the front page. Bulls are not the best choice of negotiators for world peace but they are the ones to watch as the month wears on. Not only do they regain their innate grace, they manage to grab power quietly..

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Twins go for the gusto this July and why not? Sun and Jupiter turn up the heat and make you sexy and intense (for a change). Make the most of it. Will you spin out of spin control and drain into the center of depravity? Only if you are very lucky! Sometimes you need a little salt in your sugar to add that special flavor to a meal.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Let the good times roll, especially with a certain special someone this July. Crabs will need to find ways to balance their own needs and those of partners but this can be achieved relatively easily. The secret to your bliss is to let others grab the spotlight for once while you applaud. Being a appreciative audience will have its ultimate rewards... or so it will seem.

LEO  (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
No matter how hard you try to discern the political machinations of others, there will be something about them or the situation that you might miss in all the static. In fact you may be totally wrong. This can have a major impact in your job if you take a risk that ultimately proves to be too risky. My advice: keep your eyes open but lips tightly shut... until August.

Virgins find themselves surrounded by friends and on everyone's summer guest list. This is a nice (and sadly rare) situation. So garner your invitations and make merry while you can all through the month. Your task will be to find ways of harnessing your jolly times to make them as mutually enjoyable as possible. Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone does.

You ache to get ahead in your career but there is something that temporarily holds you back this July. Libras are impatient for the rewards that go with their hard work. But the pay off is not guaranteed. Avoid exploitation by continuing to do what you need to do to get the boss off your back and keep your eye out for other, more lucrative opportunities.

Spread your oil around this July and watch how it simmers on the stove. Scorps will have to spread their goodwill over a range of different personality types. Only the most flexible and diplomatic of you will get through this phase unscathed. As for the rest, expect to step on some toes while you massage others. Let hope that you don't come into contact with any fungus.

Sun opposes Jupiter turns things upside down financially for you. Archers may have to face some unanticipated stress if their spending out strips their saving. Tough decisions will have to be made. Interestingy, the best summer escape is somewhere close to home, Not only will is save you travel money, it will feel more like a haven from the fiscal storm.

If you find yourself seeking status and acclaim, blame it on the Sun Jupiter opposition. Not all that glitters is gold, Cap. In fact there may be nothing more valuable than good friendship and a loyal and loving partner. Of course that won't necessarily keep you in ermine and pearls... but you never know until you check your lover’s bankbook.

You feel the need to make your mark on the world. How big of a mark is up to you. Don't be lulled into a sense of entitlement especially on the job. Aquarians risk alienating lower working castes with what will seem to be a presumptive and imperious manner. Think about how you can use cooking oil instead of elbow grease to get what you want. Charm works wonders....

Expand your social circle into a globe this July, Fish. Not only can you find new avenues of mischief, you can also increase your platonic powerbase and launch new initiatives and showcase your ideas and talents. There is nothing like an audience to get you going... and going... and going. Get going before the bring out the large hook!
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