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The Death Clock

What do you see: the Death Clock or the Life Clock?

Deathclk I tend to be a glass-half-full kind of person so, while some people may be a bit squeamish about contemplating their own demise, I am not. I agree with The Death Clock (tm) site that calculating how much life you have remaining is just a friendly reminder that life is slipping away. So, if you are game, go to the site, enter a few statistics and your own personal death clock will be calculated. You will be presented with a projected date of death along with a countdown of the seconds of life you have remaining. There will also be some links you can follow to learn steps you can take to extend your deadline.

You can read about some famous people: a brief biography with how they died, complete with images of their death certificate and their grave site. And you can view the Dead Letter Office where the site owner prints a few of the hundreds of emails he receives from people around the world (each one printed exactly as received, complete with misspellings and insane ravings). If you'd like, you can create your own personal death clock for bookmarking purposes, or buy a death clock shirt.

As for me, I think Woody Allen said it best:  "It's not that I'm afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens."
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The Eden Day Spa

The Eden Day Spa in New York City touts itself as "one of the largest spas in New York CIty." I am not sure whether that is a selling point or not but nonetheless I made an appointment for a facial to try it out.

The entryway leads to a fairly large waiting room - dark, with a fountain of running water and with a large number of barcaloungers. They are comfortable but set a strange scene to me. In fact the entire spa experience was, to me, an experience in extremes - on the one hand relaxing and on the other hand stressful.

My facial room was right next to the entryway so all through my session I heard voices and foot traffic back and forth. Yet I had 55 minutes of a very nice facial regime which was very nice. But all through the facial, they tried to upsell me: My skin type was diagnosed as 'oily but dry in areas' and 'older.' Wouldn't I like a very special treatment for an additional $99? "No thanks." Then as I was lulled into a half sleep, relaxed state I was tapped on the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a bottle of some type of lotion about three inches from my face. Was I interested in purchasing this for my oily, dry, older skin? It is only $58. She could leave it at the front desk for me? "I'll think about it."  At that point, realizing there was no more money to be made from this customer, she left me alone until spot on the 55 minute mark she pushed me up to tell me the session was over.

I have had better experiences.

But then as I sat in my beige barcalounger in the spa waiting area, someone brought me a wonder fruit platter as I relaxed and prepared for the outside world again. That was lovely!


Would I go back? Not sure....
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Aromatherapy Thymes Magazine

Aromatherapy Aside from the cutesy name, I love Aromatherapy Thymes magazine. They have very informative articles on aromatherapy that can make it very accessible and useful to all levels of knowledge in the subject.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help in healing and mood elevation. These are very concentrated oils that, mixed in various quantities, blend aromas so that they have a distinctive and palative use.

There are excellent specialty articles and every issue includes:

Aromatherapy 101, Essential oils for the workplace aromatherapy is an ideal remedy for your office environment.
Editor’s thoughts, Well worth the hike
Aromatherapist on call, Your aromatherapy questions answered
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Astrology Briefs: Father's Day Gift Idea

Men's underwear choices have progressed far beyond the "boxer or brief?" At the forefront of this stylish and sexy men's underwear trend is Go Softwear, a company that says: "Put your hardware in our softwear." According to their My Space profile the company

provides fashion-forward underwear for men who live, or wish to live, the casual, California-athletic lifestyle. Go Softwear is a brand that was born to fill a serious void in the world of men’s fashion and from the beginning has offered playful and sexy underwear that accentuates and compliments a man’s body.

When I visited their website I got distracted and intrigued by all the padded briefs. You can get the padding in the butt (for a fuller looking rear) or in the front (for a rounder silhouette enhancing your front) -- who knew these things were available? -- that I almost forgot what I was looking for.

I was looking for their new line of astrology underwear, a different design for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. There are two styles, the Astrology Boy Brief and the Astrology Retro Short and each design is printed in metallic foil on the backside over black fabric for a cosmic effect. It is suggested that when you wear these you can forget about telling someone what astrological sign you are, show them.

Too bad they don't design some of these for women. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a special birthday gift for your boyfriend or husband, or a unique Father's Day gift, this stylish underwear is something to consider. I just recommend staying away from the padded jock strap, not good for your man's ego. . .
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Neptune: Ralph Buckley's New Age Music

Ralph Buckley has been fascinated with tarot and numerology all his life and believes that "karma has given us this 'wheel of time' in which to 'work out' our own fate."  Perhaps his new age inclinations account for why I find Neptune to be so entrancing -- I thought that you would like it too. The images in the video are beautiful and add a nice backdrop to his wonderful voice. Enjoy!
Neptune is on his album: 2012 Consciousness Awakening.

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