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Westin Starwood Hotel Brain Body Fitness

I recently stayed at a Westin Starwood Hotel and was pleasantly pleased to find out that they offer a small packet of brain and body fitness exercises upon check-in. The brainbodyfitness program by WestinWORKOUT offers short mental and physical exercises designed to stimulate and rejuvenate.

Created by Dr. Gary Small (a neuroscientist and director of the UCA Memory Clinic and the Center on Aging) and physical fitness specialist David Kirsch, the check-in key packet contains both mental and physical exercises. For the morning and afternoon there are three - one to work your brain, one to renew the mind and one to work your body. For the evening there are three - one to relax your mind, one to calm your spirit and one to relax your body. Examples of each include mazes, deep breathing nd yoga exercises that are easy to do in a hotel room.

It is a very nice "extra" that a weary traveler can appreciate.
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