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Picture 6 Eel-Eating Frenzy For the Lazy, Hazy, Hot Days of Japanese Summer

It's that time of year in Japan when the weather is hot, hot, hot and Japanese men, exhausted by the summer heat, take to eating eel. They feel eating eel during the hottest days of the summer will boost their stamina and restore their vitality now and throughout the rest of the year. Typically the eels are grilled over hot charcoals two times so that it ends up crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Demand is so strong for eel this year that there have been many cases of fraud; for example, mislabeling eel from China as domestic.

To the rescue -- Japan Tobacco Inc. has just launched a new canned drink called "Unagi Nobori" (translation: surging eel). It's a yellow, fizzy drink which contains special nutrients found in eel. If the Japanese can be convinced to drink their eel instead of eating it, perhaps this new product will help meet the strong demand. And at about $1.30 a can, the drink costs about only one-tenth as much as the charcoaled version.

Now, can anybody tell me how Unagi Nobori tastes?


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