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Jingjing, a Panda: Official Mascot of 2008 Chinese Olympic Games

Jingjing Jingjing, The Black One

Pandas are one of China's national treasures and are adored by people everywhere, especially children. Jingjing is sure to make children smile and to deliver the blessing of happiness wherever he goes. He strikes a charming dancing pose and has wavy black and white fur. The lotus designs in Jingjing's headdress, which are inspired by the porcelain paintings of the Song Dynasty (A.D.960-1234), symbolize the lush forest and the harmonious relationship between man and nature. Jingjing hopes to inspire people to protect nature's gifts--and to preserve the beauty of nature for all generations.

I am betting that Jingjing will be the most popular of the five mascots. There is a (real) baby panda recently born in captivity to Ya Ya that has been named "Jing Jing."

There is an old Chinese tradition of spreading good wishes through signs and symbols. Each of the five Olympic symbols has a rhyming two-syllable name which is a traditional way of expressing affection for children. When you put all their names together -- Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni -- they say "Welcome to Beijing." Jingjing is noted for strength, is charmingly naive and optimistic, and he represents the black Olympic ring.
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