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Washington DC Pentagram

Wash I read a small and very interesting article in the Washington Post not too long ago about how the street layout of Washington DC forms some interesting patterns including a large pentagram and a hexagram

Pentagrams and Hexagrams are most commonly associated with various, often unrelated groups from Witches / Wiccans to Satanists to Masons to Kabbalahists and Judaism in general. Let's just say that this range of groups fall into a broad spectrum, are not always considered mainstream and who are often the subject of endless conspiracy theories. Indeed, as I tried to research it beyond the hallowed pages of the Washington Post newspaper, I found many strange conspiracy sites. Here is the Washington Post's article called Devil in the Details.

Washington DC's pentagram design links Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Mount Vernon Square, Washington Circle and The White House with each location at the points. The Pentagram places The White House at the apex of the point and links it, via Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Building. Some see this pattern, along with the Pennsylvania Avenue linkage, to form the five pointed star connected to a devils head. Does this mean that Washington DC is secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) aligned with Satan?


It seems that the designer of Washington DC, Pierre L'Enfant, was a Mason as was George Washington. In constructing the city, the idea was to incorporate aspects of Masonry, balanced design and a sense of history and grandeur. To the end, L'Enfant created a design of avenues that cross-sected the city at sharp angles. Yes, it forms a pentagram and a hexagram, probably as an homage to Masons, Freemasons and Masonry. To all those believers across the political spectrum, this design will either symbolize America's greatness or mal-intent. Out of all of the sites I have visited on this subject, the one I like best is here.

Whatever your thoughts are on this subject, I hope you will share them with me.
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