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Senator Joe Biden and His Astrology Birth Horoscope

Joe biden Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, PA at 8:30am (at least that is the time I found on the internet). He has Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in politically astute Scorpio and moon in dependable and careful Taurus. So his Sun and Moon are in harmony without any internal struggles.

With all that intense Scorpio energy in his chart, he would be considered an “uber-Scorpio” with all of the pluses and minuses that go along with that. He is adept, calculating, strategic, very smart, sensual and secretive. He has friendly Sagittarius as a rising sign so when you first meet him, he appears to be open, laid back and informal but he is anything but once you get to know him.

Not only does all of that intense and passionate Scorpio energy burn and bubble under the surface, he also has practical, diligent Virgo at the top of his chart ruling his career sector. This gives him the ability to concentrate on the project at hand, roll up his sleeves and get to work. He is a good running mate since Virgo is content to work in the background to get the job done and Scorpio is an excellent advisor. He is also good at the details.

His Mars (actions) squares his Pluto in his chart that indicates that sometimes his actions confound his larger life plans and create changes that are unexpected. His Vertex (the power point in his chart) is making excellent aspects to his Mars so he can focus his energies effectively as well as his Mercury which makes him a powerful speaker. His challenge will be to not allow his emotions to change his course or pull his attention (Moon square Pluto).

Transits coming up in the next couple of months indicate luck and aptitude but with some struggles as well. Transiting Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) is making excellent aspects to his Mars (actions) and Mercury (communication) but opposes his vertex so he needs to very carefully control the message and his reactions. But since transiting Uranus (shocks and surprises) make an excellent aspect to his vertex any stumbles can become brilliant strategies. Transiting Saturn is traveling over the top of his chart (career, ambitions and one’s public face) which can make him an elder statesman, very wise or, conversely, less confident or too careful. If he can harness all of his years of experience and go forth confidently, he can overcome any fears. Want to learn more about Joe Biden? Read his book: Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics.

Look for future posts on the subject. I will compare John McCain’s and Barak Obama’s charts, Joe Biden’s and Sarah Palin’s charts and will make composites (combine charts) for each team and predict the outcome of the election. (I’ve been correct in my last two Presidential races…..)

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Governor Sarah Palin and her Astrology Birth Horoscope - An Update

Sarah palin

When I first analyzed Sarah Palin's horoscope I did not have her birth time. I have recently received an email with a time of 4:40 pm and have rerun her chart. Any changes and additions are indicted in italic and in blue: 

John McCain just announced that Sarah Palin (born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho ) will be his VP running mate. At this time I do not have a birth time for her so I calculated it as midnight. But if anyone has an exact time for her, please send it on and I will re-calculate and offer further analysis. We think her birth time is 4:40pm.

One of the first things I noticed in Governor Palin's chart is that she has Sun in Aquarius which is a cool and somewhat aloof type of personality. Aquarians are “fixed” signs – all business, stubborn and unyielding. Aquarians are also unorthodox iconoclasts who push for change. This seems true for her; though she is conservative, she has been known to push against the establishment to cut spending. We have had several Aquarian Presidents because they epitomize the independence and idealism of the nation. Aquarians are also idealists so she may be more idealistic than McCain’s other Veep choices.

Aquarians love people as a group but may not form deep attachments to individual people. Emotionally, she tends to be removed. She has moon in Capricorn which reinforces this coolness and aloofness. Her Mercury in Aquarius thinks carefully and logically and her Mars in Aquarius can be passive aggressive. When looking at all of her personal planets and lights: Sun (Aquarius), Moon (Capricorn), Venus (Aries), Mercury (Aquarius) and Mars (Aquarius), her chart is heavy in focused, stick-to-it-ness and logic and, under extreme circumstances, stridency. Her chart indicates that she is not sentimental, cuddly or warm. It also indicates that she can exhibit a calculated impersonal raw ambition. If any astrologer sees anything differently, please respond.

She has a "stellium" (more than three planets in one astrological sector) in her 7th house of relationships and "open enemies" which means that one-to-one relationships (like marriage) is extremely important to her. The stellium consists of her Sun (personality and personal mission in life), Mars (action) and Saturn (problems and wise learning). She will not feel complete until she feels happy and in control in this area of her life. She probably also needs to deal directly with her enemies and control and contain. She derives a great deal of pwer from this stellium - it is making an excellent aspect to the top of the chart (her public face and her profession). When the going gets tough, she gets going. Do not underestimate her.

In judging how well she will do as a running mate with McCain, I also like to look at the Vertex. The vertex is a power point in the chart. Her Sagittarian Vertex makes an excellent aspect to her Midheaven (top of the chart) so she is able to exert great power into long range plans and career. It is a formidble placement. It is also forming a good aspect to that 7th house stellium She can do what it takes to get what she wants and needs.

But she has a hard aspect to her Uranus (shocks and surprises) and Pluto which indicates explosive transformation so I would not be surprised to see something shocking come to light that can change the course. Because I don’t have her birth time, I can’t say in what area of her life these things might occur. This looks like it is occuring in her 2nd house of money and security so it does not seem to impact her career path politically. 

Jupiter is the highest planet in her chart - luck and expansion - in the 9th house of the law and travel. It is hitting her Midheaven - a burst on the scene. The only real negative I see is that her natal Jupiter and Venus are squaring her North Node (success) so despite the strength in the other areas of her chart, one might say that her ultimate success could be derailed by excess and a squandering of her advantages. Or greed.

In terms of some predictions, transiting Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) will make excellent aspects to her natal Pluto (dramatic changes and transformations) and her Neptune (dreams and intuition). This occurs in financial issues and in family matters. Transiting Jupiter also makes a hard aspect to her natal Jupiter. What this all says to me is that there will definitely be something dramatic and maybe even shocking that will happen that will change the landscape in her run. It may be unsettling and a bit out of control.  It will not be smooth, easy or business as usual. Also transiting Saturn is hitting (conjuncting) her natal Pluto indicating unanticipated and unwanted transformational problems OR learning from mistakes of the past and applying them successfully. And transiting Saturn is also squaring the top of her chart which I see as a warning that something involving her job (transiting Saturn is over her sixth house of work and health) or health can derail her or put up barriers to career success. She will have to tread carefully. Her intuition will be on target since transiting Saturn is also trining (a good aspect) to her natal Neptune.

In examining her chart shape, I see a Locomotive shape with Uranus (shocks and surprises) as the "engine". This indicates that she will live out her life on the world stage. The empty 4th quadrant of her chart (which is "great causes") is the area that demands attention and effort. She needs to be very careful of hubris where she feels that all problems can be easily solved by just following the right movement, religion or beliefs. An awareness of suffering will enter her life as a correcting measure that can bring her back to earth. She must learn to share with the community so all will benefit, not just a select few. With Uranus as a leading planet she sees herself as a reformer and will find herself in the middle of political conflicts.

In sum, she appears to have a strong chart but not without its pitfalls should she try to take on too much or reach too far. Saturn, the planet of life lessons and problems, and Uranus, the planet of shocks, will step in and deconstruct her plans.

Needless to say, it will be a very interesting time for her. Want to learn more about Sarah Palin? Read her book: Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear.

Look for future posts on the subject. I will compare John McCain’s and Barak Obama’s charts, Joe Biden’s and Sarah Palin’s charts and will make composites (combine charts) for each team and predict the outcome of the election. (I’ve been correct in my last two Presidential races…..)

Have some fun -- take a look at: Sarah Palin Apparel and Accessories.
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Pet Horoscope - September 2008

Dog leaves The summer is winding down, but there is still quite a bit of sun-baked energy going around. Keep your eye on the antics of our furry, feathery and scaley pals as Mars moves into independent Sagittarius.
Aries pets may have a tendency to wander off this month thanks to active Mars. Wise parents will make sure that the screen doors are closed and the windows are only slightly ajar. When all else fails, dust off the leash...
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Taurean pets are especially rambunctious and randy this September and can get into all sorts of mischief. If you are not interested in the pitter patter of new little paws or claws be sure to buy them a toy to keep their mind off natural pursuits.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
If Gemini pets seem a little needy this month, give them more attention and make them feel special. They want your company and may not leave you alone for a minute. If this seems unusual, wait until next month when Mars moves on and their attention goes elsewhere.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Cancer pets are hard at work this September digging, hiding and generally running around. Expect little gifts to be left on your pillow. Be sure to give them a little extra in their dinner plates as a reward.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Your Leo pet may happily knock over a few treasures this month thanks to an overactive Mars in Sagittarius. Batten down the hatches and engage them in activities that keep them on ground level.
Virgo pets are content to stay around the house this September. They may be found happily hiding under the bed, in the bathtub or in the back of the closet. Goad them out with a treat...
There is a clatter, chatter and clamor around Libra pets this month as Mars encourages them to communicate. Ordinarily quiet pets may be making quite a racket. Thank goodness, this too shall pass.
Scorpio pets may be especially selfish with their toys this month and may hide things around the house to protect them. Try not to step on anything in the dark.
Sagittarian pets are full of personality and energy now. Others gravitate to them and they are the hit of the block or dog walk. Treat them to a grooming session. They are more aware of their appearance and would love it!
Capricorn pets seem more intuitive now and can sense when they are being fed dry food or human food. Don’t try to fool them while herding them into the travel case for a trip to the vet. They will hide until October!
Aquarian pets are especially popular now and they love it. They walk with confidence, looking for compliments and a few cuddles. Anyone that comes near them has to give them loads of attention. This makes a simple walk last for hours.
Pisces pets seem especially careful this September and may refrain from risky behavior like climbing to the top of the refrigerator or jumping over a favorite table. Do they want to make a good impression or are they just tired?? Ask them.

If you want to gain astrological insight into your dog's thoughts, moods and behavior you should read Dog Stars: Astrology for Dog Lovers or Cosmic Canines: The Complete Astrology Guide for You and Your Dog. Cat lovers who read Vivian's Original Cat Astrology will learn how different vibrations of the planets influence each cat's personality, resulting in some cats becoming homebodies and some wandering gypsies.

(c) 2008 LICHTENSTEIN, All Rights Reserved.

Top Ten Essential Oils - And What They Do

Everyone has their own list of their favorite essential oils. Mine are as follows:

Lavendar - a great all purpose oil that helps reduce stress and headaches. It is also beneficial for healing wounds and bruises, can be used as an antiseptic or for insect bites, to relieve oily skin, acne, swelling, calming insomnia or alleviate mild depression. This is an essential part of any essential oil collection.

Tea Tree - wonderful healing attributes. I happen to really like the smell which is a bit woody and serene. Good for insect bites, cuts, cold sores, skin eruptions and even coughs (although I have never used it for that). 

Geranium - This is useful for cuts, sores, fungal infections, as an insect repellant, soothing skin problems, eczema, bruises, mildly diuretic, anti-depressant.

Rose - useful for a variety of respiratory ailments as well as for abdominal pains. So for sore throats and sinuses, congestion, puffiness. Also good for insomnia and premenstrual tension or pain, for symptoms of menopause and even for reduced libido.

Sandalwood - Great for dry, cracked skin and acne. It is said to have a calming influence and is great for reducing stress. SOme say it also increase the love and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Chamomile - helpful in relieving premenstrual pain and indigestion. Calming influence and good for sensitive skin. I find that it relaxes me and helps me sleep.

Eucalyptus - if you are feeling under the weather, you may want to try Eucalyptus in its various forms. Its antiseptic qualities makes it good not only for coughs, colds and bronchitis, but also for relieving muscle pains. I consider it strongly scented but appealing.

Rosemary - While I am not a great fan of rosemary's scent, I do think that it holds an important place in any essential oil cabinet. It is used for useful for physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness, respiratory problems, asthma, rheumatic aches and pains.

Ylang Ylang - Aside from the name, I also like its fruity floral scent. It is great for reducing anxiety and depression and stress. But use in small quantities since it can also cause headaches.

Patchouli - This oil is very good for skin eruptions, athletes foot and is a fairly good insect repellant. They say it works well on hair, replenishing mature skin and might even increase one's libido. Another one of my more favorite scents.

It was difficult for me to limit my choices to just ten. Others I think are important are Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Lemon or other citris scents, Jasmine, Myrrh and Peppermint - to name a few more. But check out a few for yourself. Click here for several essential oil sets suitable for both beginner and experienced users and several highly recommended books.

September 2008 Horoscope and Horoscope for Week of Sept 1, 2008

Jupiter This week's horoscope looks at the lucky and expansive planet Jupiter which redirects in the sign of Capricorn on September 8, 2008. Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean that we should. A package of luck and bounty is delivered to our front door. Just don’t hurt your back lifting it up. Learn more about Jupiter: Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential.

Progress wasn’t expected or attained this past month but now it all comes to you, Ram. The senior staff sits up and takes notice of your considerable efforts. Cash in and slide through the holiday season on your good looks alone. It’s payback time.....

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls may have felt more penned in than usual this summer. September is the time to break loose and see the world. Redirect and put the fire back into your imagination and navigation. How exotic and spicy will it be? Pack the pepto!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Show lovers your hand and reap the delightful benefits going into the autumn months. You are back to your charming and flirty self and can attract anyone you desire. The trick will be to keep it down to a manageable 52 cards. All hands on deck!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Get back on track with certain relationships. The summer might have been a struggle for balance. The dust is settling so you can concentrate, speak your mind and be understood and accepted. Crabs who are at sea can net a big fish later in the month.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
The day to day job has been one long slog through the summer. Lions have been working far too long and far too hard to not see some reward at the end of the day. Not only can you bring home the bacon, you can also  fry it up and serve it to the masses.

Although it is difficult to believe, fun might have been too much trouble for you this entire summer. But now Virgins can finally fully enjoy the bon temps. The question is, are there any good times left as autumn arrives? Yes! Create some!

Libras will enjoy all the comforts of home this September. Concentrate now on sprucing up your surroundings and prepare for the holiday season ahead. You can also enlist some helping hands. Ply them with food and drink while you “supervise”.

Eloquence might have eluded you throughout the summer. But now, Scorps can charm any nasty snake and get what they want through words alone. Will you use this gift for goodness or nastiness? Let me guess....

Money problems find excellent solutions in September. No only can you find the right advisor and discover the best research, you are able to maneuver through the markets to create a nest egg. Think cushy early retirement, Archer. Whoo hoo!

Your ideas reach a critical mass, your charisma quotient soars and lesser planets gravitate into your orbit. Get out into the  limelight and receive public acclaim. Prepare for your close-up and wear something suitable. No not cellophane shorts.

Aquarians have felt that their intuition was on the fritz. But now you get back on track and can discern friend from foe easily. There may also be a secret admirer hiding in the background. Will they make themselves known? I think you know.

You have many reasons to get involved in a myriad of group activities. Join new organizations and expand your social circle. And current friends will seek you out too. Fill up your dance card and dance through all the holidays.

Can’t get enough? Don't miss out -- click here to subscribe to my Cosmic World news feed. And take a look at Lichtenstein’s astrology book "HerScopes" -- it's an international sensation. Buy it and feel the vibration. (c) 2008 THE STARRY EYE, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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