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Astrology.com: Free Daily Horoscope and a "Free" Relationship Reading?

Raspb I tend to avoid sites like astrology.com because I find that their daily horoscopes are not accurate. In fact I think most daily astrology predictions are not especially accurate, with the exception of those by the late Patrick Walker who I think is was a master among astrology masters.

So anyway, I was exploring various horoscope and astrology websites and through another link I found myself on the www.astrology.com site. I decided to read my daily horoscope which said it was a child-like day for me (maybe I wasn't fulfilling my astrological potential but it certainly was not a playful childlike day for me). Then I was offered a free relationship reading. How could I resist? I typed in all this personal information like birthdate, year, time and place and email address.

The site then said it was calculating my free reading. And then after a few seconds I was directed to another page asking me which email newsletters I would like to receive (the list had 53 to choose from. Rather than clicking 53 times, there was a tab where I could just "choose all"). I chose none.

Then I was instructed to go to the next page. Hoping to get my "free reading" I was then given the opportunity to choose from a range of offers from Astrology.com's partners such as Red Lobster, Fisher-Price toys and ADT security. Some of these opportunities were helpfully already checked off as "yes" for me. How nice!

I decided to click on the "skip" box and go to the next page which said "click here to get your free sample reading".... however if I wanted to upgrade to a full-length reading I could "Buy Now" with a 20% off discount or "Get it Free" by going to a free checkout. I am all for free so I clicked on that.

By "free" Astrology.com means this:

"Astrology.com has partnered with CheckoutFree to allow you to get your Relationship Potential Reading for FREE! Simply agree to try or purchase one of CheckoutFree advertisers' offers, and the advertiser will pay for your Relationship Potential Reading."

Does that sound free to you? At this point I bailed out... but not before having to close pop ups from the site for more products and services that were not-for-free.

Oh yes, and the free sample reading? It was supposed to be a relationship comparison between two people but the sample reading did not compare the charts at all. It just gave a short overview about how each individual person approaches relationships in general. Disappointing.

My concern here is that astrology.com is very pervasive and is considered one of the major astrology and horoscope destinations. I think it gives astrology and horoscope sites in general a bad rap.

I am giving several raspberries to astrology.com. And they are absolutely for free. Do you have a candidate for a "raspberry award"? Send it to me for consideration.
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