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Astronumerology and Home Buying and Selling

Jessie Kalsi is a California numerologist who uses astronumerology for a variety of things including how to buy and sell homes, help retail business improve through address analysis and name changes and help improve home "energy". He also analyses sports numbers on athletes jerseys. All in all very interesting work! And he has a terrific website.


An example: Business Numerology from his website: "The owners of Salathai Resturant in Fremont, CA approached me for a reading as their business was suffering. After a detailed analysis, I used a number 5 to shift the energy to make it a profitable food business."

And an example of Business Name Changes: "The success of a business is greatly dependent on a business name with the right numerological vibration and a positive business address. Different businesses are associated with different numbers, depending on the energy of each individual’s vibration. The use of special stones can also greatly enhance the success of a business. It is also extremely important that the business be born at an auspicious astrological time. Buying and selling real estate or stocks are all related to timing and numerology."

This is an area that does not the the attention it deserves. ANd especially now when real estate is an iffy prospect, we can use all the help we can get. Please check out his site.



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