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Senator Joe Biden and His Astrology Birth Horoscope

Joe biden Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, PA at 8:30am (at least that is the time I found on the internet). He has Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in politically astute Scorpio and moon in dependable and careful Taurus. So his Sun and Moon are in harmony without any internal struggles.

With all that intense Scorpio energy in his chart, he would be considered an “uber-Scorpio” with all of the pluses and minuses that go along with that. He is adept, calculating, strategic, very smart, sensual and secretive. He has friendly Sagittarius as a rising sign so when you first meet him, he appears to be open, laid back and informal but he is anything but once you get to know him.

Not only does all of that intense and passionate Scorpio energy burn and bubble under the surface, he also has practical, diligent Virgo at the top of his chart ruling his career sector. This gives him the ability to concentrate on the project at hand, roll up his sleeves and get to work. He is a good running mate since Virgo is content to work in the background to get the job done and Scorpio is an excellent advisor. He is also good at the details.

His Mars (actions) squares his Pluto in his chart that indicates that sometimes his actions confound his larger life plans and create changes that are unexpected. His Vertex (the power point in his chart) is making excellent aspects to his Mars so he can focus his energies effectively as well as his Mercury which makes him a powerful speaker. His challenge will be to not allow his emotions to change his course or pull his attention (Moon square Pluto).

Transits coming up in the next couple of months indicate luck and aptitude but with some struggles as well. Transiting Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) is making excellent aspects to his Mars (actions) and Mercury (communication) but opposes his vertex so he needs to very carefully control the message and his reactions. But since transiting Uranus (shocks and surprises) make an excellent aspect to his vertex any stumbles can become brilliant strategies. Transiting Saturn is traveling over the top of his chart (career, ambitions and one’s public face) which can make him an elder statesman, very wise or, conversely, less confident or too careful. If he can harness all of his years of experience and go forth confidently, he can overcome any fears. Want to learn more about Joe Biden? Read his book: Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics.

Look for future posts on the subject. I will compare John McCain’s and Barak Obama’s charts, Joe Biden’s and Sarah Palin’s charts and will make composites (combine charts) for each team and predict the outcome of the election. (I’ve been correct in my last two Presidential races…..)

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