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Weekly Horoscope for week of August 18, 2008

Pet Horoscope - August 2008

Catdog Celebrate the dog (and cat) days of August! Fido and Fluffy may change their minds and area of focus once... or twice... or more at this time. Don’t get annoyed -  just blame it on the planets.

Talk about pushy pushy. Aries pets are even more ... effusive, (shall we say)... than usual this month. It seems that they just can't contain their desire to communicate to the immediate world. Warn the neighbors!

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Taurus pets may not play well or share with others this August. Acquisition becomes the be all end for them and they hide their toys and growl and hiss at whoever comes near. Try to understand from their side; they need something to call their own.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Gemini pets may try to keep a low profile around you this month as they concentrate more on rest and relaxation. Give them room to roam and try not to make too many demands. You may have to fetch your own newspaper.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Cancer pets tend to stay close to home for the month which is fine with them; They prefer to stay close to home base anyway. Treat them to a little excitement by buying them a new treat or toy. They need some stimulation and exercise and this is the best way to do so.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Leo pets may be at little on the pooped side this August when the planet sap their energy. At any rate, the glorious Leo energy cannot be supressed and they are the center of attention anyway. They make the best of it and manage to charm just about anyone.

Who wants to be in charge of things? Virgo pets do. These guys are on a mission whether it’s collecting all their insects  into a corner or arranging your chewed shoes under the bed. Don’t even try to tell them what to do; they won’t listen anyway. Wait until next month to send them to obedience school...

Libra pets are anxious to travel; to hit the road and take off for parts unknown. Keep an extra watchful eye on them to be sure that they do not stray too far afield. Give them something to keep their mind off their wanderlust. An extra cuddle couldn’t hurt...

Scorpio pets are in their element this month as sexual energy is high and well focused. Watch out! There may be a tendency to wander off in search of conquests. This energy soon passes and they are on to new ideas and new excitements soon enough.

Sag pets seek companionship this month to give them  support and love. Be sure to give them a little extra attention to let them know that you appreciate them. Let them have a few furry or feathery friends over - they will get into less mischief that way!

Cap pets are not as graceful as usual this month and may hit into things around the house in their travels. Breakage is possible so keep a careful eye on anything that is especially fragile or irreplaceable. Better still, give them full run of the rumpus room and let them create a rumpus.

Party hearty is the keynote of the month for all Aquarius pets. Energy is high and they are raring to go! Lucky you! Keep them occupied and out of mischief. Better still, let them roam the backyard to diffuse some of that frantic energy.

Pisces pets want to change their surroundings. Don’t be surprised if they move their favorite things around or find a new special place to lounge around. New things spark their imagination and playfullness. Try setting up a mirror for them to peer into. Who’s that???

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